A Song Echoed to My Heart—-Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Bird-on-a-wireOur yard is full of birds… birds of every hue and color

BirdThey start the day with joyful tweets and chirps

Black-and-WhiteAnd end the day with sleepy little good-night calls.

Last evening, as the darkness descended, a little Swallow sat on the wire leading from the electric pole to our house singing a song that sounded more like an alarm.   His or her call was so insistent that I had to look out the window to see why.

The sweet little bird was looking right back at me, trying with all the might of the world to tell me something was NOT right…something wrong was there—right there—come out NOW!

Tonto(This is Tonto I caught him on camera one afternoon as he moved through our yard.)

Laying on the grass, cooling off was Tonto…a very ancient German Shepard/Wolf mix dog, (he is 16 years old), and lives one mile from us.  Randomly he walks up to our place, usually because he has been left at his home for days and days on end in a state of without.

He travels across the flat lands until he gets here, then rests, until I find him.  Once I get him all gathered up and cooled down, I load him up…load up food, take down lots of water, several dog snacks…chew bones and other things, and deliver him home.

There are three of us who watch out for Tonto, his closest next door neighbor, our daughter Shannon and myself.

And now I know…the birds do too.


Bird song talks to us, it echos throughout our hearts, the little guardian’s of the world.






35 thoughts on “A Song Echoed to My Heart—-Wednesday, July 13, 2016

  1. Such a warm and lovign s story.I too am a total bird lover and lsitener…they alert us to everything we need to know..as they have that Love Radar . Much Love to you and Terry and boomer and all there, from all the birds here as well…the trees around me are over 150 feet tall Box Elders, Maples, and Oaks in this lovely town…I will send you some pictures of it… and they are all filled with birdsong….how glorious..for mornign and evening hours…..thank you, Linda..Love merri

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  2. Sad.
    Some people should not have pets.
    I just cannot get my head around the attitudes of
    some people. Pathetic.
    Good for you and your family to take just loving care.
    Temperature here today is only a maximum of 17 Celsius
    but thankfully the southern winds have not arrived.
    Plenty of snow falling in the skiing areas, so the “winter
    bunnies” are all happy with that.

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    • I would like to take him away from them, but then I think…he is 16 years old. He has lived like this all his life. It’s best to just continue like we are for the time left. 😦


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