Moving into the Heart of the Light—Thursday, July 13, 2017

A large portion of my day is spent on a ditch bank….somewhere, someplace, here on the farm

Morning, noon, evening…the earth, the sky, the water—moisture in the air..rain landing softly on the fields rich with good earth and lush plants

The sun captures so brilliantly the clift on the Uncompahgre Plateau where the Plateau starts to change and slope toward Grand Junction.  It’s close to this cleft where a person can descend into Gateway, Colorado

Lately the air has been restless; shifting, rising, flowing–heavy with moisture

Sometimes the sun is suspended in the western sky…blazing the horizon into a dazzling display of red, orange and yellow

I have no true favorite time of the sky…I love the luminous eastern sky’s violet when the final stars are gone.  The early sun turning from violet to pink then gold and

finally a robin’s egg blue

And the night-time full of the moon or the stars so brilliant it’s like being surrounded by diamonds

I (sometimes) think our lives have seasons…times when nothing seems to be happening…but, if we look close…there are many changes going on… we just forget to see them.

From my heart to your world,



A Song Echoed to My Heart—-Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Bird-on-a-wireOur yard is full of birds… birds of every hue and color

BirdThey start the day with joyful tweets and chirps

Black-and-WhiteAnd end the day with sleepy little good-night calls.

Last evening, as the darkness descended, a little Swallow sat on the wire leading from the electric pole to our house singing a song that sounded more like an alarm.   His or her call was so insistent that I had to look out the window to see why.

The sweet little bird was looking right back at me, trying with all the might of the world to tell me something was NOT right…something wrong was there—right there—come out NOW!

Tonto(This is Tonto I caught him on camera one afternoon as he moved through our yard.)

Laying on the grass, cooling off was Tonto…a very ancient German Shepard/Wolf mix dog, (he is 16 years old), and lives one mile from us.  Randomly he walks up to our place, usually because he has been left at his home for days and days on end in a state of without.

He travels across the flat lands until he gets here, then rests, until I find him.  Once I get him all gathered up and cooled down, I load him up…load up food, take down lots of water, several dog snacks…chew bones and other things, and deliver him home.

There are three of us who watch out for Tonto, his closest next door neighbor, our daughter Shannon and myself.

And now I know…the birds do too.


Bird song talks to us, it echos throughout our hearts, the little guardian’s of the world.





Frustrations, Friends and Family—-Sunday, July 13, 2014

Frustrations first–because I need to complain, since it has been irritating, and because once I tell you I’m not saying it again.  (I hope)

Our internet has been down!!!  I’m way, way, way behind on answering all your great comments, visiting your blogs and my emails since my request to know what type of bird I have visiting our sugar water feeders.  I’ve called Skybeam and they just keep telling me it’s the tower.  Okay…I wait.

Right at this moment I’m able to get on…I’m typing fast, just in case I lose connection. 🙂


We had a wonderful visit from Elaine and Bob Kenny….very long-time blog readers on Friday.  They were heading over from the Front Range–Eastern Slope—of Colorado and stopped by.

Linkin was hanging out at the house when they came so she stayed for dinner with all of us.  At some point in the table conversation it came up that Linky loves archery.  Bob’s face just beamed at her; why he does too.  In fact he was a State Champion in Archery and set to go to the Olympics when the dire need to ‘go to work’ set in and he never got to go.

As soon as we were through eating, even before I did the dishes…dishes can always wait…Linkin and I jumped into the pick-up and drove down to her house and got her two bows and quiver of arrows.


The rest of the evening was a fun filled archery experience.  Something Linkin would not have gotten if Mr. Bob and Elaine had not come to visit!

Got-it Gradually, the light started to fade.

The-Kenny's Elaine and Bob got into their really cool, go-fast car, waved good-bye and headed off to Montrose, Colorado.


What a neat experience for Linkin, Terry and I!

Elaine wrote today saying it rained all the way back and was cool in the forest they call home.

Elaine's-Rainbow-3Here is a rainbow she sent me two weeks ago when she was out for a walk.  Giant Pines and a gift of hope and love in the sky.

Don’t forget if you would have a great photo of a rainbow (or anything else) I would love to publish here on my blog.  I will always, always, always give you credit!


I hope my internet stays and I can get back into my routine of visiting each of you!

Your friend