Sweet Corn Harvest—-Wednesday, August 3, 2016


The Sweet Corn Harvest is ON!!!!


It has actually been on since the third week in July.  They are just picking next to our place now.

Mountain Fresh and Olathe Sweet are the two brands grown here.  Watch for them in your local store.

And NO  neither one of these sweet corns (nor any sweet corn) is genetically modified!  They are hybrids!  Glyphosate will kill the sweet corn plants.

Hope you enjoy some and when you do…know the ears were harvested some place here on a farm in western Colorado!

Happy munching!

Your friend on a western Colorado Farm,



25 thoughts on “Sweet Corn Harvest—-Wednesday, August 3, 2016

  1. We’ve been enjoying sweet corn for a couple of weeks already, but it is our local … grown here in Oregon. The kind we like best is ‘Bodacious”. But I’m sure yours is at least as good. Actually I know it is, because we’ve had Colorado corn during our travels (Late summer/Early fall was always our favorite time to RV travel, because of the wonderful crops wherever we were and we always loved visiting farm stands.).

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