A Summer Storm has Arrived—-Thursday, August 4, 2016

Storm came in 1The wind blew in a rain storm last night; slamming huge drops of water into the west side of the house. The dog and cat made a mad running dash to the house before me, but had to wait as only I (or Terry) can open the door for them.

Storm-2This morning we woke to thick clouds overhead.  A curtain of mist rising off the fields, and the flash-frying heat of the last few days…GONE!!!

Sam-and-SunThe air is cool and wonderful, bringing relief to the plants, the animals and us!  The thick scents of the wet ground and the bathed plants insinuate themselves through the open screened windows and the screened doors.

We are all rejoicing!  Cool moisture, after searing heat, is such a blessing!  It makes one want to dance.  Although, dancing in Colorado rain is a very chilling experience.

From my world to your heart!


28 thoughts on “A Summer Storm has Arrived—-Thursday, August 4, 2016

  1. Yea ~ Rain! The windy front has arrived here, too, and the rain is sapose to start later today. A good thing. Enjoy the rain and your sweet corn while you can!

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  2. Beautiful photographs before and after the rain. I especially like the one with the cat in it. I have vivid memories of the intense smell as the rain hit the dry earth, as a child growing up in South Africa.


  3. So glad you are getting a respite from the heat!! Very refreshing for all of you. Very pretty sunrise pictures!

    We are so very hot and dry here. Cotton is loving the heat as long as it is getting the moisture, too. It is really blooming!


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  4. wee-urd … we’re, what?, 35-some miles north (NNW) but pretty little rain this last few daze. sprinkled a bit, rained a very little — same storm you wrote about, I think. but, yeah, it’s cool enough to turn off the swamp cooler these passed two daze, and also savin’ $$$ not runnin’ irrigation either. But the clouds sure pile up over the Mesa!

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