The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—-I Always Help

COMINGI always help!  Every day with everything Mom and Dad do.

I mostly help Mom.  But we always help Dad!


Well almost always…there are some things Mom and I don’t do.


We help change the water.  Dad always rolls up the dams, because they are tricky.

Mom doesn’t like the dirt ditch, but Dad says he does.  Mom likes the cement ditch the best.

Neither Mom nor Dad like the gated pipe; syphon ditches are their favorites.


Right now we are helping Dad fix the erosion at our head gate.


Mom works with Dad…




I rest in the back of the truck!




23 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—-I Always Help

  1. Those water ditches look like an important part of the farm, B. But NOTHING is as important as you smiling like a happy farm doggie in the back of the pickup. You are perfect!

    Love and licks,

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    • And you know what, Cupcake…if I’m really careful and Mom and Dad are really busy…I CAN FIND NASTY STUFF TO ROLL IN!!! Makes me SMILE all over…makes Mom not smile at all. Boomer


  2. whew ! bestest help we git frum tha’ dawgz is if they stay in the yard while we work out-sighed. your ranch is like ours, except it’s a “real” makin’ a living enterprise and a couple/three factors of scale more immense. among other things, i’m waitin’ for the weather to cool down some and other “timing factors” so’s I can re-position the yard-irrigation pump!

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