The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—-I Say It’s Fall

Mom and thought it would be a good thing to show you…that IT IS FALL HERE!!!


The corn is starting to move from the milk into the dough.  Next step it will dent.  When it dents the Dad will stop irrigating the corn.


The deer love eating the corn right now.  They eat off the cob, just like a human does.

FallThe Rabbit Brush is blooming…it usually blooms in September.

Leaves-2The Leaves are starting to turn on the Cottonwood Trees

Leaves-in-our-treeA whole month early

Leaves-in-our-tree-2IT’S STILL AUGUST!

Yellow-Leaves-1The Lilac leaves are turning yellow


And the pinto beans are turning ripe!


Harvest is just around the corner!




35 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—-I Say It’s Fall

  1. Ugh! We are seeing signs too, as you know. Your corn looks really nice. Haven’t seen any that good around here. Don’t you love it when a breeze catches the Cottonwood trees though? The sound they make is music to my ears. I hate it when the leaves all fall.

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    • 46* this morning. I slept in a wade on my bed until Mom covered me up. I sleep on the floor…the floor felt cool. Although, Mom assured me all the windows and doors in the house were closed. Boomer


  2. Greetings!!!
    Hm I thought the Dog with a blog was made by Disneychannel but there he is! The only thing I regnocise is the ripe corn and the fact that everything is turning yellow in seconds. In Sweden we’ve had the most serious drought, in some places it hasn’t been that dry for 50 years and tankers are wheeling to support the households.
    These are such nice pictures, Colorado is really very different from Blekinge where I live. I love travelling through blogfriends eyes!!!
    We have a sunny day (yet another) and I will today use Jordanwater for a baptizm. Not often that happends.. on my way to this event I will pass the cornfields in my area and see if the deer are eating on them.

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  3. We have had such a hot humid summer but the last week shows signs that maybe fall is coming here too! Spider webs (really cool ones!) and the annoying cave crickets are back. Hopefully cooler weather will follow!

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