We Begin Again—Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Finally, after too much rain for harvest time.  We were able to begin again yesterday!


If the weather holds (crossed fingers and toes) we should be done late Wednesday night. with the last load to the Beanery Thursday morning.

last-bean-field-2Bearing NO breakdowns or too long of lines at the Beanery.

going-back-for-another-load(Trucks are empty heading back for more.)

bean-harvestWish us luck!


Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




27 thoughts on “We Begin Again—Tuesday, September 27, 2016

  1. We’ve had no real rain for ages, easier to harvest, but the sprinklers are still in use. In some areas watering is still forbidden because of the draught. Linda, how big is this farm??? I am no good at terms of acres and such, but I’ll look it up. What a lot of work you put in to this!!! Such busy and great farmers, I can’t see start or end to it.. Say hello to Boomer from me, he is a brave dog, except with the groomer…..

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  2. Good luck with the harvest and that the rain stays away.
    Here in central NSW – close to where I lived when in hotel
    owning days in the 1970s – the flooding in that area has
    devastated the crops. It is terrible to see. And more rain
    is expected.
    I can’t remember in detail but I think you are on high grown
    so are not subjected to flooded rivers ?????
    Again all the best with the weather “Gods” and Huey.

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