The Finish of the Week, One of Marvels—Sunday, October 8, 2017

Like the wind rushing musically throughout the drying corn

The weather held, turning into bright October days, full of sunlight

Harvested, delivered and sold!  First paycheck of the year! (Besides the hay, that is)
Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




On a Few Bright, Crisp September Days—Thursday, September 21, 2017

The days are warm and lovely with a small wind from off the Uncompahgre Plateau

I just make sure not to be on the side the trash drifts! ūüôā

We blazed though one field  the first afternoon,

Finished the second field yesterday


Then as the light brighten the sky, throwing shadows deep and blue across the earth we took the last load to the Beanery.

Two fields done!  YIPPEE!!

Now we wait…one more field to go.¬† But that won’t be until around the first of October.¬† Fingers Crossed for sunny, drying weather!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


We Begin Again—Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Finally, after too much rain for harvest time.  We were able to begin again yesterday!


If the weather holds (crossed fingers and toes) we should be done late Wednesday night. with the last load to the Beanery Thursday morning.

last-bean-field-2Bearing NO breakdowns or too long of lines at the Beanery.

going-back-for-another-load(Trucks are empty heading back for more.)

bean-harvestWish us luck!


Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



Step Two/Pinto Bean Harvest—-Sunday, September 11, 2016

pinto-bean-bladeStep Two is to blade the beans—which means the next day, after the pinto beans are pulled Terry goes back in with a special blade

blading-the-beansDesigned to go under the rows of beans, lifting them up and cutting off any weeds or beans the bean puller missed.


All of this MUST be done in the very cool of the morning—it would NOT do to have the pinto beans pods shatter and spill all the pinto beans onto the ground; lost in the dirt.

Once the stems and weeds and pods get to the right level of dryness we harvest!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



Getting Close–Thursday, September 25, 2015

Wake-UpWe are getting close (now),  to being done, with the pinto bean harvest.  Tomorrow should see the end!

3Prices are low. They are low on the corn and the hay also. ¬†But storing something doesn’t always produce a higher price later on.

I always find this so odd…the farmer get a small amount, but the retail in the grocery store is extremely high…too many middle people along the way, I guess.


We are still irrigating the alfalfa field. ¬†It’s a big field and takes a long time to get across, but we should finish with the irrigation by Saturday.

Drying-Corn-1After that we wait.

Corn harvest will start the last of October, or in November sometime, it all depends on the moisture content of the corn.

Winding down to gear up again…it called harvest!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


All Through—Monday, September 15, 2014

Thankfully the pinto beans are at the Beanery (this is the name of the elevator that cleans and stores the pinto beans in our area—the Olathe Producers is another elevator which does the same thing).

At the elevator the pinto beans will be cleaned and sorted and culled…any broken (splits), discolored beans, and green pintos will be sifted into the proper pile to be sold.

Green pinto beans will be thrown away along with any chaff or weeds or weed seeds. ¬†The discolored beans has a very small market for animal feed….cows love pinto beans. ¬†The splits will go to a factory to be made into smashed canned pinto beans ready for your taco.

White¬†The other pinto beans…the really nice ones will be sold at market value for whole pinto beans to be used however the buyer wishes. ¬†The whole pinto bean market is what a farmer strives for…that is where the most money is to be made—right now the market is extremely volatile/unstable. ¬†Terry will talk with the owner of the Beanery sometime today to see if they can sell the beans for us and for what price.

Zinnia-4Then Terry will decide if we hold them for a spell or sell.  Mostly he likes to sell because a truly fresh pinto bean is liked by most people.  If you have ever eaten a truly fresh pinto bean you will be stunned at the difference in the cook time, the flavor and the size of the bean.

There isn’t pay check until the beans are sold!

Oh, for the record….I’ve been asked several times if we take subsidies for farming.

NO! ¬†NEVER! ¬† Neither did my parents or grandparents and neither has Terry’s Dad or grandfather. ¬†If we can’t pay our own way we don’t do it. ¬†That is why we both worked in town…and why we have old equipment…if you can’t afford it you don’t need it…has always been the mantra on our farm.

ENOUGH of that ….since Terry got Linkin a new compound bow, we thought it would fun to take Tally shopping. ¬†She wanted a “REAL COWGIRL HAT”. ¬†Not a fake one made of plastic.

CowgirlOff we went to the Davis Clothing Company where she picked out a black hat…no pink one for her, Thank you Very much! ¬†It was really nice to shop at the Davis Clothing Company, Rena, Mr. Davis’ daughter, let Tally¬†try on several different colors—then she steamed the hat so it was the perfect COWGIRL shape, and took her to the special three-way-mirrors so Tally could see which one was just right for her. ¬†The experience was very nice.


Later, at home, Tallin wanted to practice with Terry’s longbow and her ONE arrow, of course wearing the COWGIRL hat! ¬†What a hoot!

Well, the two big harvests are out of the way (the hay and the pinto beans), and the irrigation is about done— now we wait until the end of October or later for the harvest of the field corn. ¬†A little break in the farming before the next big round of hard work.

OneAll is good and right with the world!

Your friend on a farm



Moving Along-Harvest-Sunday, September 7, 2014

Friday and Saturday were super busy!

Blading-the-beansTerry got the pinto beans bladed and

Bladed-Beans¬†placed in nice fluffy rows to dry. ¬†We are still holding our breath that the rains stay away…(OH! PLEASE STAY AWAY! ¬†Just until the pinto beans are in the Beanery!) ¬†It might be like wishing in the wind


since we can see storms moving all around us.

Hay-1Terry has all the hay baled and part of the field in the hay yard…this afternoon should see every last bale stacked and ready for sale. (Fingers crossed)

You can see the storms playing on Grand Mesa in this photo.

Everything seems like a ‘race against the weather’ this time of year.

Pink-2I’ve got part of the fence scraped and brushed ready to paint down at the other house and I even have all but the two biggest flower beds weeded in my yard. ¬†Sure feels good to start getting caught back up.

Tuesday and Wednesday Misty will be back for some training she needs for her new job, Linkin has asked to come with her.  It will mean missing two days of school.  Linkin is a very good student, so I think she will get to come with her mother.  It will nice to have that ten-year-old here again.  Her Grandpa has bought her a neat surprise.  He will give it to her at this point, if she comes.  Otherwise it will wait until a later, or even much later date.

BFFMaybe Linkin’s Best Friend can come out after school on Tuesday and stay for supper. I’ll ask Misty and Ellie’s Mom. ¬†Hopefully she can.

MBSToday we only do what we must do…a day of rest. ¬†Makes the week go faster.

Your friend,



Thursday, September 5, 2013

We started the pinto bean harvest –which reminds me, Terry raises Bill Zee pinto beans. ¬†Pinto beans have many different types of beans just like apples have different varieties.


Everything was going really good


Until around Three in the afternoon

When the auger broke.  A belt.

The hopper had to be unloaded by hand.


This is the sunshine on Grand Mesa

What a day..


That evening I went up to fork the ends on the hay and to fluff the rows. (While Terry changed the water).


I must say I enjoyed myself  very much, I even saw a tiny (almost) rainbow.


The hay is ready to bale. ¬†I’m not sure if Terry will bale today or tomorrow morning, but he will have to soon. ¬†Plus keep on combining.


Lots of work hitting us right now, but when we are done we can take a break until the corn is ready.


Exhausted but happy,


Four Pair on July 25, 2013

I have four pair of Bullock Orioles, although only three females are sitting here.  I liked the photo because each one was on a different feeder!

Three-yellow-birdsA summer storm has blown in last evening.  Although, it cooled things down (which is really nice) it also has brought with it the potential for rain.  

We really would NOT like to have rain right now…after the hay is up and stacked — rain would be nice. ¬†Keep your fingers crossed that we make it. ¬†We have people either calling or driving down the lane to ask if we are ready to sell. ¬†

Not yet.  But soon if the weather holds off.

Terry is working on the 630 John Deere to get it ready for the pinto bean harvest.  Boy, that seems to be coming fast.  He thinks by the last week in August we will be able to start harvesting the pintos.  Whew!  Time is flying.

Well, off to get many, many things done as I have let stuff slide since the 6th of July. ¬†Things are starting to even out now so I hope to get past ‘maintain’ into fix.