A Slow Beating Heart—Wednesday, October 12, 2016

SunriseThis morning the sunlight washed over the world in rays of yellow and gold. (I didn’t get a photo this morning, but it looked like this from last summer)

october-morn-sunriseThe clouds from yesterday scattered and gone.  Although, the rising of the sun yesterday was amazing, with it’s rays of orange and apricot and purple breaking forth from the heavy clouds.

workToday promises to be a fine day!  The trees and bushes and even the weeds are all starting to go to gold and rust with splashes of red.

our-house-in-the-eveningToday I will water up my yard and gardens.  Making sure they do NOT go into winter dry and thirsty.  The flight of the sun and the falling leaves my constant companions.

sunset-skyBefore the day ends Terry and I will (also) go down and put the water pump and all the sprinkler lines to bed for the winter, at our other house.   After, which, we will do the same for our yard.

24.jpgA farm, any farm, has a life of it’s own.  Although, after all the harvest is done the heartbeat slows, pacing itself.  (Photo taken last year 2015)

We are not there yet.  We are in the process of waiting for the corn to dry enough to harvest.  Until corn harvest is over, we spend our time putting things to bed, closing down the summer things, getting ready—for winter.

Winter-2Still much to do!

From my world to your heart!




19 thoughts on “A Slow Beating Heart—Wednesday, October 12, 2016

  1. Winter came to us early during the Wyoming years, sometimes delayed through a gloomy November in our native Vermont. Here in Kentucky mornings are made more comfortable this week with a wood fire–but the leaves are just beginning to turn.

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  2. I get tired just reading about it! we are so “small-scale” here — Betty’s perpetual weeding/anguishing in the gardens, dogs to keep an eye on (poop 2 scoop), and like yerselves, hunkering down for fall/winter …

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