The Other Side of Life—Wednesday, December 7, 2016


I think, sometimes, of what could be on the other side of life….

geese-002It must be ever more beautiful than here.  But the here and now is just so stunningly beautiful it’s hard to imagine.

geese-in-the-sunsetDark takes away all sense of perspective for those of us who live in the sunlight

It seems strangely quiet, although there are night sounds, we just don’t hear them in tones of ‘day ears’.  The night is full of thick shadows, but the day sky is full of clear light.  If we are lucky we can see the soft brilliance of the winging Canada geese.

a-surprise-color-in-winterJust before day fades and night rises up (or just before night is shattered by the rising sun) –there is a time I call —  ‘place where time stops’.  It happens for  just a moment or so, where everything is empty of thought, the soul is soothed–it just takes a second. It is in this spot of time I can I look into something that is a place of peace.   If death lies there, in that place, then I too, can say the other side is stunning.

From my world to your heart!



13 thoughts on “The Other Side of Life—Wednesday, December 7, 2016

  1. What beautiful reflections & imaginings, Linda, set against the flight of the Canada geese.
    As you go into the cold of winter, I’m wondering if you would enjoy something I’ve created especially for my northern hemisphere friends and readers. It’s called the Winter Attunement, and is a home ritual & meditation to take you deeper into the heart of winter, and to feed your soul. Here’s the link, & I hope you don’t mind the suggestion:

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  2. I really have tried to catch these evening skies, Linda, but as I have said, my camera is too weak. Besides, once I see a sky like this I’m usually driving and somehow it’s not appreciated by my fellowdrivers that I take a stand on the brakes and rush out to catch the sunset. Funny really how square people can be…..all in the eyes of the beholder, right Boomer?? Thank you, Linda!!

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