Getting Ready—-Tuesday, February 7, 2017

getting-ready-for-cows-001We spent the day checking fences,

checking-the-fire-roadRepairing any that needed fixing

getting-ready-for-cows-004And taking down the electric fence in Romeo’s part of the farm.

getting-ready-for-cows-006When the cows come they get the whole farm.  They do an excellent job of munching down all the weeds….all of them.


Romeo has selective tastes.  Romeo is also a stud horse, so must be corralled until after the calves come and they all leave.  He will herd the cows constantly, which isn’t a good thing.

looking-backWe had extra help…Min-Min

boomie-looking-for-newsBoomer, who always helps,

getting-ready-for-cows-006and if you look closely at this photo

willow-helpsWillow cat helped!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



23 thoughts on “Getting Ready—-Tuesday, February 7, 2017

    • Yep! And then the cows come…complete with cow patties and beef jerky and milk duds! You would LOVE it here, Cupcake. Your Mom not so much. My Mom dreads me finding all those things, but I LOVE IT! Boomer


  1. Hello, the Header pic is fantastic. Mim-min’s markings are amazing: makes her look like she’s part Lynx. As ALWAYS your pix are wonderful–I feel like I’m there, crunching along the fence lines. Looking forward to seeing the cows & calves in the fields. It’s no wonder you & Terry stay in great shape. You are hard working farmers!
    I have one old part of a fence on my 1/4 acre yard & I need to tear it down & hire someone to put up a concrete bulkhead in it’s place. A large black bear uses my yard as a shortcut to go
    up the mountain from my house.
    A bigger task for me is to get manure & leaves worked into my 5 raised beds & about 500 x 4 ft
    of border gardens. I sorely miss my husband (he died 15 months ago) doing the job. My “girls” will be so happy with the food put there for them. And my plants will luv their castings.
    Take care, stay well, & give Boomer pats from me. Sandy

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  2. [J] Willow is a human-socialized cat! They love to be involved – love to be part of what the human family is doing. We know an old island crofter who walks a mile to his ‘runrig’ plot out on the machair (a strip of ground on the fertile sandy ground near the Atlantic shore, allocated annually by the clerk of the commons for growing arable and vegetables) – the cat follows him out, watches him do his digging and weeding, and then walks back with him, for a saucer of milk by the Rayburn. Enjoy your family farming!

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