THE COWS ARE HERE! —- Wednesday, February 8, 2017

the-cows-come-006Hank Davis and his daughter, Teresa brought the cows in around nine in the morning, yesterday!

the-cows-come-003They came complete with one little baby

the-cows-come-005Isn’t he/she darling?!

Then by yesterday evening there was one more!  I’m so excited!

The cows are here!  My most favorite time of winter!

Spring is on it’s way!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



28 thoughts on “THE COWS ARE HERE! —- Wednesday, February 8, 2017

  1. Dear Linda, first, thank you for your concern-yes there is a void (but it’s getting a little bit smaller).
    Second, that calf is adorable & looks so tiny with all those cows. It amazes me how strong they are so soon after birth. Regards, Sandy

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  2. Good to see the “removalists of the corn stalks etc”.
    Boomer better get those legs working,,,,,,, cows with young
    calves can get rather touchy with inquisitive dogs…… ha ha.
    PS: Another heat wave this coming weekend, thankfully not that
    bloody humid stuff which accompanied the heat in Brisbane.
    The weather bureau down here has announced that this has been the
    hottest summer in recorded history.

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  3. Linda!!!
    What a beautiful sight!!!!! WE have cows on the meadows around here, sometimes they find their way up hill where the walking paths are, and sometimes we have to hasten our step a little…
    I always loved cows and have two oilpaintings in the bedroom, with cows in sunset…
    We live downhill, small villaquarters with small gardens and such. Once I was out tending to my roses, we don’t live there anymore but then we did, husband and daughter were out to play some ball and suddenly I heard a strange noise coming from across the street. That neighbour was away for the weekend but over the hedge I saw something moving, heads bobbing and….the wee garden was filled to the brim by halfgrown bulls that had slipped through the fence. They were everywhere!!!! Moouing and chewing and jumping about, it all turned in to a cowboy-John Wayne kind of thing when they started mowing around, trampling down every rose and tulip in sight.
    Half an hour later the owner came rushing in to collect them, about 20 happy youngsters.
    Cows they were not, but hey ho, I will never forget that sight.

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  4. How do the cows and calves do when you get another snow in that field? Is there shelter for them anywhere? I used to love it when the Apache’s would send their cows into the field behind our homes. My dog would watch them with me for quite a while. I never got close as they kept moving away the closer I got. The wild horses were different. They followed the dog home. I fed them quite well and called for someone to come get them. How long do the cows stay there? I’m excited for you, can you tell?

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    • They will leave the first week in March. We start farming that week. We have lots of shelter places on the farm, so they handle storms well. I’m so excited. We took our daily drive out and checked for new babies. Nothing yet!

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