It Feels Like Spring—-February 9, 2017

coming-backIt’s warm enough I can walk at night without a jacket, although I don’t stay out long.  A brisk little walk.

night-walk-terryTerry thinks I’m silly; he bundles up.  But I run hot so it’s not too bad for me.

The days are warm…it was 67* yesterday (19.44 c).  Too warm for a fire in the woodstove.

clouds-002The sky is stunning

snow-beagleThe snow in the canal all gone…the above is just a memory.

inOnce more we made the hour and a half drive to Parachute, Colorado to watch Blade play.  He made some of the winning points.

bladenThey won!!!

Then we drove back home getting in around 8 at night.  Tired but happy!

Two more games to go…we will be there, Terry told Blade.  Blade replied, “Good.”

He is so cute…when he sees us walk in…even, if he is warming up, he always, always gives us a wave.  15 years old and still likes having his grandparents hanging around.

Of course his grandparents LIKE to hang around.  🙂

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



21 thoughts on “It Feels Like Spring—-February 9, 2017

  1. It’s practically snowing here!!! Can we change places? My work jacket zip chose the cold snap to break and now I’ve got to walk to work in the ice and snow with my jacket undone!! Just hope it doesn’t take too long to get it repaired 🙂 So…you see? we really need to change places!

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  2. [J] Well if that isn’t good for walking out without a jacket, then we’d never take them off! 19deg is typical summer sunny day, and unless it was windy we’d be out and about in light clothing and short-sleeves.

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  3. 67 degrees in February is just crazy!!! It was almost 60 here yesterday and I did love it. Rained all day and sometimes really hard. Getting a break now so I will be heading out for a walk myself. That moon last night was just beautiful. Your grandson is so lucky to have you around and he knows it. He will grow up to be a good man.

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