Soon Only a Vivid Memory—-Sunday, February 26, 2017


The Sand Hill Cranes are on the move.  Flocks of them arrive on our farm (in the evening) then lift wings and fly away come morning.


They are a joy to me.


Although, I miss the Canada Geese these amazing birds have filled the gap of the Geese’s once home. I understand that the Canada Geese have moved further north and are thick around the Montrose, Colorado area.  I wouldn’t know for I haven’t been to Montrose in a very long time.

cranes-007I do know that Confluence Lake, at Confluence Park, and the Gunnison River running through Delta, Colorado is

Geese-2(An old photo of winter past!)

home to a very many Canada Geese.


(A past photo, used for all our enjoyment)

Which is all good.

cranes-008 The cranes come, often times on a cold high desert wind thrumming across our mesa from the Uncompahgre Plateau, and settle down with much chatter and conversation.

into-the-nightDuring Boomer’s and my nightly walk I slow our walk, so we are careful, careful to not disturb the Cranes of the cows.  Boomer walks right by my side…very cautious of Mother cows on the look for predators.

night  If one is very silent, and even still, a person can hear the rustle, rustle of feathers, a shake or two of a big bird getting comfortable.


Then softly, silently home again.  I load the firebox; give Boomie a pat and belly rub.

Pet each sleeping cat, then crawl back into a nice warm bed.

All is right with the world.

From my heart to your world.


39 thoughts on “Soon Only a Vivid Memory—-Sunday, February 26, 2017

  1. Hello Linda, how peaceful and beautiful it is on your night walks. City dwellers surely can’t go for a walk like you do: they’d get mugged, can’t see the sky for the lights, can’t hear the animals for the sound of vehicles, & would probably be picked up & taken to an ER for a psych eval. I’ve lived in my house for 39 yrs. & could never go back to a city or the ‘burbs.’ We are so blessed. Sandy

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  2. They are amazing birds! Thanks for sharing your photos. One winter I am going to drive over to see them. Another thing this Colorado girl, and her hubby, has never seen. )))hugs(((

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  3. Hello Linda. It has been awhile. Just to let you know the Sandhills arrived this morning in Southeast Oregon. Spring might be coming, although it is snowing hard right now.

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      • So glad to be back, Linda. This morning wave after wave of the Sandhills are flying overhead. The summer residents have been dropped off. I can hear them but haven’t spotted them yet…..they are out in the meadows somewhere. Can’t wait to see how many this year. Brings tears to see and hear them again….. The flocks are flying above the clouds…..noisily talking to each other and to us…..We’re back, we’re back. Maybe this everlasting winter will end, after all.

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  4. I’m so pleased all is good in your world .. we sometimes have Canada geese that fly over our place honking. I try and take pics of them .. with no luck! Love your night walks with Boomer ..How wonderful to have visits by the cranes 😃

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  5. How nice to play a part in the Great Migration every year! Love seeing the flocks gathered, resting up for the next leg of their journey. If I’m lucky, I’ll see a flock of cranes fly overhead each October, although I missed them last Fall. Never have been lucky to see them on the return trip. Looks like I missed them this year, too. Drat!

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