The Adventures of Mindy on Friday— Adjusting, Sorta, Kinda, Friday, February 26, 2021

I’m adjusting.



I really don’t like that kitten.  He wants to pounce on me ALL THE TIME.

Which, does NOT go over, Thank you very much.

“SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!”  With teeth bared and my claws out.

(Although, I know not to really hurt that thing.  I always look at Mom or Dad to show them I am just being the boss.)

Anyway.  I still live my life as if TLC Cai-Cai doesn’t exist.

I do lots of hunting.

I bring mice to Mom so she can have one with me…

although I eat them, she just pets me and tells me what an excellent job I do.


I sleep in the house on MY chair, have great kitty snacks, a drink of milk, now and again. And toast by the fire.

All this is good.


When Dad is outside (which is lots of time)

I make sure I am WITH him!

Dad says I am the perfect helper.

I think so too!

Mindy Min-Min Cat

Watch for the Birds —- Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Perched, just there, right there


Hidden in the branches of the Bridal Veil Bushes

A flock of tiny little birds

Hiding from the wind

Swaying on the little branches.  Silent, yet there…waiting, waiting for the wind to stop.

From my world to your heart,




I Believe in God —– Tuesday, February 26, 2019

How can a person NOT believe in God, when the world is full of such beauty

When everything surrounding us whispers in shadowy voices of someone or something ‘more’ than us?

That God and his Son and all the Disciples and Disciplines and Angels and Studies of Religions and the Beliefs in the Goodness of Man

Even those magical worlds of fairies and elves and gnomes 🙂

Roar loudly that God is Infinite

And we, the human race is more than a heartbeat in time.

I believe in a Maker who does not make you feel guilty for just being alive—that thought is extremely saddening.

Although I can not explain my feelings, my heart bursts with love for being able to live on this amazing creation called Earth in this extraordinary weave I call my life.

From my heart to your world,


Rocky Chaco Man is a ROCK STAR—-Monday, February 26, 2018

The Reading Program in Mesa County (where Rocky “Chaco” Man is a Reading Service Dog) made the news….

In the local paper

In the Denver Paper

And in The New York Post

Rocky “Chaco’ Man…you are a ROCK STAR!!!

And you make a great Tick!

Boomer and Mom!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂




Soon Only a Vivid Memory—-Sunday, February 26, 2017


The Sand Hill Cranes are on the move.  Flocks of them arrive on our farm (in the evening) then lift wings and fly away come morning.


They are a joy to me.


Although, I miss the Canada Geese these amazing birds have filled the gap of the Geese’s once home. I understand that the Canada Geese have moved further north and are thick around the Montrose, Colorado area.  I wouldn’t know for I haven’t been to Montrose in a very long time.

cranes-007I do know that Confluence Lake, at Confluence Park, and the Gunnison River running through Delta, Colorado is

Geese-2(An old photo of winter past!)

home to a very many Canada Geese.


(A past photo, used for all our enjoyment)

Which is all good.

cranes-008 The cranes come, often times on a cold high desert wind thrumming across our mesa from the Uncompahgre Plateau, and settle down with much chatter and conversation.

into-the-nightDuring Boomer’s and my nightly walk I slow our walk, so we are careful, careful to not disturb the Cranes of the cows.  Boomer walks right by my side…very cautious of Mother cows on the look for predators.

night  If one is very silent, and even still, a person can hear the rustle, rustle of feathers, a shake or two of a big bird getting comfortable.


Then softly, silently home again.  I load the firebox; give Boomie a pat and belly rub.

Pet each sleeping cat, then crawl back into a nice warm bed.

All is right with the world.

From my heart to your world.


As February Leaves—Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snow-in-the-canyonWinter is still with us….flinging flakes of very wet snow here and there in a willy-nilly sort of pattern.

Storm-on-the-PlateauWind with very icy fingers stab and pull at you and every other living thing.

I do believe winter is throwing a huge fit, because you know…really we all know …that the time has come for Winter to leave.  It doesn’t matter how ugly and how hard winter demands for us to pay attention Winter IS in charge.  Stamping its blue and icy foot..the earth is tilting ever so slowly.

YesThe sun moving toward the warm point of spring and then summer, casts brilliant colors, which fiercely sends warning sounds, for winter to calm down.  Enough is enough.

The weather people are saying winter is still very preoccupied trying to keep a foothold on our part of the world–this bitter, cold tantrum will weaken and strengthen over several more days, then the middle (Wednesday) of the first week in March, the sun and the earth will send warmth and comfort back to the land with temperatures rising into the 50’s for several days.  Perfect for drying up snow and mud.

So go ahead and throw a fit, make it a good one, for soon you, Old Man Winter, will be banished to other parts and the gentle cherub of Spring will dance it’s way into our hearts and souls.



Go Ahead, spend yourself out —soon you stay in your room and cry huge hiccuping sobs until you are spent and need to rest to recover.  We will just wait you out.

Your friend,