The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—-Friday Update

We had a winter storm come in on Tuesday.  What a long boring day that was….the cats and I slept most the day.


Then Wednesday we had SUNSHINE!


Beautiful SUNSHINE!

And Thursday!



Early morning the birds still look like its cold.


The storm blew in a pair of Robin’s!  Mom was ecstatic!  I didn’t get it, they were just Robins.  But Mom was happy so I was too!


I got in huge trouble because I brought in a fresh afterbirth.  I had just brought it onto the lawn when Mom saw me.  Grabbed the really yummy thing and hauled it to the burn barrel.



Mom, Dad, and I do a daily calf run.  I Love Going on the Four-Wheeler! I just love it!  I’m safe up there, from those old mean momma cows, and I can see and sniff to my heart’s content, without having to walk!


Mom and Dad are still cutting and hauling and stacking wood.  Three loads a day.  Although, they don’t go if the weather is snowing.

Just a minute…..


Scratch, scratch…I’ve got an itch!!!








19 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—-Friday Update

  1. I should (I should, but …) do some “catchin’ up” — as i’m suppost to stay off my feet for a while! (had a lump cut out of my right leg yesterday). so … I KNOW ‘afterbirth’ would be irresistible to U-NO-HOO here. maybe that’s what RockSea rolled in one time at Escalante Rim. Robins? unfortunately our “killer kitty” has already found one. (sniff).

    yeah: very wintry toosday a.m., but mostly melted by daze end. did “get out” with the dawgz the next two daze … now they’re bored. maybe Betty will take ’em.

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  2. Beautiful captures of the sunrise. Living in the city, it’s rare that I see the sun come up over the horizon … over the building, yes. Boomer was having a great day up until you took away the afterbirth. Max has jowls — a gift from his boxer lineage — and when he was a puppy, no telling what I’d find stashed away after our walks. No telling what he and Boomer would bring back to us.

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