The Return of Winter—-Thursday, May 18, 2017

We went from summer-like weather

To radically dropping temperatures and snow!

All within one day!  Yesterday the little hummingbirds sucked the feeders dry and I refilled them twice in one day.  Look at that poor wet little thing.

Wet and cold.

Today is a continuation of yesterday, then by tomorrow this winter storm will gradually move out to replaced with much warmer weather by Sunday.

Sure is a bad deal.

Our hope is the crops make it through…the hay was just starting to bloom, the corn up, my garden and flowers all planted….

Only time will tell.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



46 thoughts on “The Return of Winter—-Thursday, May 18, 2017

  1. Wow, I am so sorry to see this. I hope your crops are all right. Around here it is too much rain. Nice day yesterday and all the farmers were going like crazy working up ground, planting, and mowing first cutting. Made me tired to see them.


  2. You are absolutely correct in saying that the weather is such a driving force. We only have one apple tree and it blossomed in late winter only to have the winter continue. I believe that we lost all of the fruit. But the robins are having a time of it and are making their second nest for the year in the tree.
    God bless you as the season progresses. God is good all the time. Even when the weather plays its tricks on us.

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    • I’m pretty sure I lost all our fruit, BUT the sour cherries. The birds will delight in those so they will be my gift to them, I’m sure. I’m sorry about your fruit loss…hopefully next year you will have enough to eat, can and sauce!


  3. residing, eh … some 45 or so miles apart, we gots similar stuff goin’ on: Betty purchased hummingbird-feeder #2 just today — busy, busy birds. and … yeah, the SQUALL hit us (& you) yesterday mid-day — but! YOU got snow and we didn’t but could see it all around. This a.m. I took the dogs on a hike up off of Hwy141 — up Divide Road to what I call “Quarry Road” — was blizzarding when I got there, 31 deg f, yet the ground was slightly muddy. Still … I should-a brought the camera, to show people what May 18 can look like.

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  4. Fingers crossed that all will be well in the fields.
    We’re having more rain. The region is on flood watch again, and they’re promising us 30 inches in the next 2 days. Thank God we fixed the gutters and cleared the land drain!

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  5. Such a drastic change for that little hummer and the baby corn! Hopefully, no damage. It has been hot and very windy here. All of the bad storms have been east of here. Cotton farmers are just now starting to plant–soil temps finally got high enough.


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