Something Waiting—-Thursday, June 8, 2017

The farmer, in the field to our side, is getting his bean ground ready.   It is so very dry our whole farm filled up with dust and dust and more dust.

Still—even in the smothering dust I could feel a storm coming in.  The air shifted from solid and stale to racing clouds.

Black bottomed clouds holding the promise of moisture!

Still the dirt hung thick and heavy, as the sun started to submerge itself, with the western skyline.

The wind flung particles of dirt into cracks and crevices in a very obtrusive manner, filling my hair and ears—not to mention what it did to the house.

Suddenly a massive roll of thunder followed quickly by a immense flash of light and rain filled the sky.

It didn’t last long…that rain.  Moving itself quickly on toward town and other parts of our area.  But long enough to clear the air…leaving behind fresh and cool dirt free air.

Plus…a smidge of a rainbow, just as the sun sunk behind a bank of clouds.

A sign of hope!

Every day we are seeing improvement!  I am sure…more than sure…I am positive it is because of your prayers, good thoughts and wishes.

Of which Terry and I are eternally grateful!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



22 thoughts on “Something Waiting—-Thursday, June 8, 2017

  1. You should consider putting your photos and poetry like this into an ebook and publishing it on Amazon. Its lovely


  2. You are both in my thoughts and prayers for Terry’s health and for your worries!!!
    It’s a shame you have a neighbor whois so insensitive as to work the ground with all the dust.

    Keep your head up!!

    Is it time to slow down a little more!


    • Well, it is what it is…time is fast closing down to get the pinto beans in the field so he was pushing. The rain cleared everything up and wet the ground a tad…sure was nice.


    • Terry had an emergency appendix operation a couple of days ago. I’m okay…a tad stress, but it’s starting to work out. Our son is coming out this evening (after his work) to help me plant the pinto beans…Sam, Terry’s friend, WAS going to help, but he won’t be able too for several days. The beans have to go in the ground in the next two days or the window shuts.


  3. Glad Terry is feeling better ~ hope he takes it slow and easy 🙂 You take care, Linda! Things will work out just fine! Please let me know if I can help out ~


  4. Just catching up as we have half-decent internet connection tonight (we’re on the road…again). SEnding best best wishes for cooperative weather and thanking you for sharing the rainbow. We are in Texas heading to your state (on the way home to Oregon).


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