The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—-It’s All Falling into Place

Mom, Dad and I all sighed a HUGE sigh of relief yesterday. Everything is starting to fall into place.  Just like all you good folks out there assured Mom it would.

My brother, Evan, came out and helped Mom and Dad get the planter ready for the pinto beans.  Then we all headed out to the Middle Field and started planting the pinto beans. 

Well, Evan planted; I had other stuff to do.

Dad supervised…Mom was there to say: “Terry, just watch you can’t pick up more than 15 pounds”…you know…that kind of stuff.

Then when it was getting close to being done Dad decided he wanted to try out the tractor seat…Just to see if it bounced too much.

Nope!  Didn’t hurt one bit.

So we worked until dark!

Mom gave me a big hug and told me: “Dad is on the mend!”

I gave Mom a huge lick on the face and wagged my tail HARD!

We’ve turned the corner!  The biggest worry is taken care of…now everything else will come with time.

Boomer Beaglie Brown



16 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—-It’s All Falling into Place

  1. Boomer, I think this is gonna be up to You ~ You need to figure out a way to keep “dad” occupied and not lifting more than 15 lbs for another week. Maybe get Romeo and Beauty to help. No one wants to hear bounce… “ouch”! Try interviewing him for another mystery series. Get him to explain the fine art of “supervising”. Just thinkin’…


  2. So happy to know your dad is getting better, I know he feels better just being able to do a little work. Tell him not to over do it and take it easy for a little while yet. You are lucky to have a big brother that helps out and you are able to over see everything.


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