The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—-Mom Pronounced me WELL

I’m back at ‘em.  (Although, Mom says I do sleep much more than I did before I got sick.)

It’s been hot so I rest lots.

Sammy hangs out with me also.  Sometimes he rests where I’m resting, but lately he has taken to sleeping on one of the tractor seats in the coolness of the tractor shed.

I tell Mom I’m just conserving my energy for stuff—



But the other day, while Mom and Dad were gone somewhere, I decided it was time to check out the farm.  I figured I wouldn’t go too far.  I would stay close enough I could hear the family car coming down the long lane to house and be back in time.

I had a great fun out there…found out all sorts of news, things that were happening on the farm, you know stuff.

I made it home just before Mom and Dad got back.

Mom was not very happy with me…

Not that I checked out the news, or that I left the farm yard…but the fact I found



She gave me a bath…TWICE!  TWICE!  She took away all the wonderful perfume…dang it!



28 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—-Mom Pronounced me WELL

    • It was very green and I made sure I got it all down my back, on both sides of my neck, in my ear…(my ear got in the way) and across my whole face! IT WAS WONDERFUL!!!! Boomer


  1. Boomer, so glad you are all well!! You just had to prove it by getting a good roll in something juicy, huh?!!! But just think of all the nice rubs you get while Mom is giving you a bath…twice!! Just be careful when out finding the news, ok?!

    Your friends,
    Lucky, Ryker, Midnight, Mischief and Lucy

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  2. How I remember those rolling days with our long-haired cavalier King Charles spaniels… they loved cow pats particularly – and the day when One scampered inside, leapt on the bed, and rolled on my pristine white quilt… nuff said….

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