The Checkered Light Dances—-August 22, 2017

Daily I watch the trees starting to turn…first a slight lightening of the leaves

The weight of their slumber is like a shooting light upon the lush green of the land.

The morning and evening air is more purple than rose, moving toward the light lavender of winter

Our grandchildren were here for the weekend—one more time before school starts (today).

Linkin, our oldest granddaughter loves to take photos (a wee bit like her grandmother, I think 🙂 )

Capturing this busy little bee covered in pollen

In the dancing light—she generously allowed me to share these with you.  Thank you, Linky!

Summer…gradually it is vanishing…like a ghost flitting through a forgotten graveyard.

The birds on their migratory flights…tell us…Autumn is coming.

Stand with me to welcome in that glorious, wondrous, bright season between Summer and Winter

From my heart to your world,





22 thoughts on “The Checkered Light Dances—-August 22, 2017

  1. I’m glad you got to enjoy your grandchildren one more time before school started. Linky is going to be a wonderful photographer like her grandmother. Thanks for your beautiful description of the last days of summer.

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  2. I could have made good use of the excellent photography of Linkin when I travelled.
    I think I was the world’s worst camera person!
    Certainly Linkin has talent…………..grandma, Linda genes???????

    Getting slowly warmer here……………………summer can’t come quick enough for me.
    The delightful water dragon lizards thankfully are still in hibernation but the Indian Myrna birds
    are attacking my honey nectar eating bird visitors and my two overly friendly loorikets
    who yesterday decided when I wasn’t looking to sit on my TV chair and watch some TV.
    Thankfully they didn’t Poop in their short TV viewing.

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