On a Freezing Afternoon — Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Baby, it’s cold outside

A flash of silver

Feather fluffed for warmth

On a freezing day in the afternoon.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


On a Quiet Crisp Winter Day—Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Thankfully the Canadian Geese have found our corn fields, although methinks the picking might be slim after the 196 cows in December.

Terry says he is going to disk up the cornfields soon, this will stir up the feed and knock down the stalks, which, hopefully will bring in more birds.

The day was a tad chilled, but still Boomer, Mindy and went for wee walk-about seeing what we could see, stretching our legs and filling our minds with something besides toasting by the wood stove

The Sand Hill cranes have found a lovely spot at the Upper End to rest and search among the cattails for tidbits to eat

(I didn’t let Mindy go that far with Boomer and I.  We left her at the the shed with Terry.)

This is way too far for a kitty cat to go, but not to far for a beagle and a human 🙂

We made the round trip, following the farm roads by the now dormant fields, then came back home to walk down the long lane to go get the mail.  While doing so I saw a hawk coming in for dinner.

The little bird lived another day, alerted by the camera snapping human, not even realizing the Black Horseman of the Apocalypse was about to descend into it’s little bird world.

Then home again, camera on one side, best beagle pal on the other.

(Yes I wear short and flip-flops most of the time.  It has to be REALLY cold and/or snowy for other shoes and long pants.)

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




Adventure and Mysteries —-Thursday, November 9, 2017

Daily Boomer,

Mindy the cat, and I

(and sometimes Terry) go for a walk about the farm there is always something interesting to see and ponder over. Like…

A scary fire five miles away from us —which is an early burning off of a cornfield

The disturbed ground showing huge footprints

As something very large walked down one of the farm roads.  My blood does not sing with the ability to know and understand tracks, but I do know this is a LARGE animal

Or these oddly placed twin ‘jet streams’ floating in the wind high in the sky

Speaking of sky…the thickened clouds bringing in weather make the shadows on the ground seem tame in comparison.

From my world to your heart,