Shadow Sammy Sam—-Wednesday, December 20, 2017

“In a world where everyone seems to be larger and louder than yourself, it is very comforting to have a small, quiet companion.”— Peter Gray

June 2000-December 20, 2017

My beautiful wonderful Sammy.

From my world to your heart,


52 thoughts on “Shadow Sammy Sam—-Wednesday, December 20, 2017

  1. I am sending love and prayers and comforting thoughts for all of you. Even when you have done your best and there are no other options, it is still awful. I’m sure he is grateful for the wonderful family and care he received. Healing takes awhile, and your hearts are pretty raw now. I promise there will come a time when you can think of him with joy and laughter. They give us so much more than we give them, and you will not grieve nearly as long as the years he was with you. Give Boomer and Sam a hug from me. God Bless and comfort you all.

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  2. I don’t know why I’m crying, I didn’t have the years of his companionship and love, but I am. Dear Linda, I’m so sorry you’re in pain and missing him at a time when we should all be together and celebrating.

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  3. Oh dear Linda. I didn’t think your Sammy would go so soon, but you seemed to know. I’m so sorry to hear that he has passed on. May your memories of him help to lessen your tears and soon may you be able to smile when you remember his sweet ways. It’s the tough part of having wonderful and loving pets, each with their own special personality. Peace to you and your family this Christmas.

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  4. Oh Linda… I am so very sorry for your & Terry’s loss ~ Greatful they touch our lives and leave loving paw prints forever, yet the hardest thing ever when they seek Rainbow Bridge

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  5. Time for the Rainbow Bridge…I am so sad for you but happy that Sammy’s struggle and pain is over. 17 years is a good long time for a much loved friend…of course your heart is hurting and I understand your heart hurting so much it feels like it could break. 😦

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  6. My condolences, Linda. I know how difficult having a fur baby cross the Rainbow Bridge. You gave Sammy Sam a good life and dignity at the end. I think our fur babies have a big advantage over us, they simply accept what comes. You were blessings for each other.

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  7. Linda, this poem has always given me comfort when I lost a fur baby:
    For Sammy Sam
    Weep not for me though I am gone into that gentle night.
    Grieve if you will, but not for long, upon my soul’s sweet flight.
    I am at peace, my soul’s at rest, there is no need for tears;
    For with your love I was so blessed for all those many years.
    There is no pain, I suffer not; the fear now all is gone
    Put now those things out of your thoughts, in you memory I live on.
    Remember not my fight for breath, remember not the strife.
    Please do not dwell upon my death, but celebrate my life.

    Written by Constance Jenkins in memory of her beloved cat, Isolde


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  8. Linda I’m so sorry you have had to say goodbye to Sammy, but he is pain free now. That thought helped me a lot when we lost our dog last year. I wasn’t really ready to let her go but she needed to be at peace and that was more important. Pets truly leave paw prints on our hearts! Wishing you a peaceful Christmas full of blessings,

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  9. hello dayphoto its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am verry sorry to heer that sammy had to go away over the rainbo bridj run free sweet sammy hav fun chaysing butterflies in the soft grass over the bridj and be shoor to stop by my brother tuckers everlasting rainbo bridj buffay for a speshul treet!!! i am sending lots of vizsla tail wags to yoo all and the hipster kitties send purrs!!! ok bye

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