The Adventures of Boomer on Friday— Cow Check

There are one hundred and eighty three pregnant cows on our farm.


Now THAT’S a lot of cows.

Every day we go for a Cow Check.  Dad says it’s mostly a fence check, but Mom says it’s a cow check…for me it’s a check on the manure to see if there are still little bits of corn in there………….

Of course, when that happens…me checking on the cow patties I always get


Dad thinks I’m funny.

I come back to Mom, but I take my ever so lovely time getting there.

Then when I get to mom she picks me up and hoists me onto the back of the four-wheeler and tells me to STAY.

And she says—“Your breath STINKS”!

I don’t get why she gets so wound up about it, but oh, well, whatever.

Then we ride all around the whole place checking on everything.  The cows are really good about staying in, but with 183 cows the feed starts to slim down.  When the feed slims down the cows start reaching over the fences until they stretch them and break them.

So far so good.  Only the electric fence for the equine pasture was broken.

Once they got that fence down the electricity didn’t work anymore so the whole herd could tromp into the horse pasture and have a WEED eating field day!

Which they did.

So now the equines run with the cows and the cows eat up all the weeds the equines don’t like to eat.

Pretty much a win-win.

Except Mom, Dad, and Shannon had to go roll up the electric fence and take down the stakes.

And Dad had to fix the corral gate where the cows pushed and pushed and shoved on it.

Now what about Me?

Mom made me stay on the four-wheeler the WHOLE time they worked on the gate and the electric fence.  SHISH!

Then when we get back we sometimes sit by Dad’s fireplace and just rest.  Mom says Dad has done a nice job out in the shop.

Just being with Mom and Dad where ever works for me!


16 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer on Friday— Cow Check

  1. hello boomer its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay wow that is a lot of cows!!! and i gess it wil soon be eeven mor cows!!! hay i am with yoo warever mama is is the playse to be!!! if dada is their too then that is also gud ha ha ha!!! mary krismas to all of yoo frum all of us!!! ok bye

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