Today is the Last Year of a Decade—-Sunday, January 14, 2018

Today I have entered into the last year of the sixtieth years of my life.

Today I am 69.

 All those many seconds, minutes, hours, days and weeks of my past has come together allowing me to live for one more year upon this amazing, beautiful, stunning earth we all call home.

Each day has brought with it a true sense of satisfaction, in the (now) era of old age.

I am ever grateful for all that I have, for Terry, our children and grandchildren, and for each of you— my friends.

The world can seem like place of suffering, but it is also a place of healing…it’s all in the way we choose to look upon it.

No greater joy is there, than being given each and every day to experience life to it’s fullness.

Thank you for coming along with me on this amazing journey called everyday living.




59 thoughts on “Today is the Last Year of a Decade—-Sunday, January 14, 2018

  1. Happy next decade! I never thought I’d make it past 30 (remember the saying, “Don’t trust anyone over 30?”) Then suddenly – we’re in our 60’s. Every day is a gift. The greatest blessing in life is to be satisfied with what you have. You are!

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  2. Happy Birthday, Linda. Believe me, you are still a youngster. I can say that since I entered my seventh decade of life several years ago. I’m delighted that you can find joy and healing in each day, and I’m even more delighted that you choose to share your days with us.

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  3. Happy Birthday, and many more of them, dear Linda. I see you are not letting the numbers hold you back, which is as it should be. You are only old when you feel it, and I truly cannot imagine you sitting on your bottom and doing nothing…

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  4. I will be 73 this month. Carrying wood is a full time when it is so cold. It has been dipping down in the high 30’s at night here in Florida. My aunt lives in Indiana and heats with woo. She is 87 and carrys her own wood from the basement most of the time.

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  5. A very happy birthday to you dear Linda. Enjoy 69! I turned 70 last November and never thought I would get that old! I really didn’t. But now I’m here and trying to make the most of 70. Needless to say, I’m sure you’ll make the most of 69. Hope you were spoiled by everybody!

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  6. Happy birthday! Feliz Aniversário! ¡Feliz cumpleaños!
    I would state it in another language if I knew that phrase in another one.
    I am glad that you have been so kind to share your life on the farm with us. I read your blog every week, even if I can’t every day. May God continue to bless you, Terry and the family.

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  7. sum coincidentations hear: Betty’s BD (the Medicare Eligible one) was just last Thursday. She wanted to go play music with some friends the actual evening of, but she (we) had dinner bought for us FOUR times since New Year’s!

    and …. (shh, now, don’t tell anyone), after a recent hockey game the guy next to me said something like “slowin’ down, backing off” when he gets older, like 45 or so. I told him I started playing when I was 57. He (of course) looks a bit surprised, asked how old I am now? My somewhat veiled answer was that in a “little bit” over a year from now I’ll be 70.

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  8. Belated Happy Birthday, Linda. I was 69 in Sept so I get it. Seeing you with that heavy wheelbarrow in your shorts and flip flops gives me a chuckle. My journal always has the entry at the bottom of deep gratitude for the possibility of another day to come. There are no guarantees so we appreciate each one. I hope you had a happy celebration. I’m lifting nothing for a bit as the back has a pinched nerve. ;( Well maybe a small toast to you won’t be too heavy. 😉

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