Yesterday’s Eve—Thursday, January 18, 2018

After doing ‘not much’ all day yesterday I decided I had better get to moving and bring the firewood in for the night.

But on my way to the wood pile I felt the tiredness starting to lift from my body, mind and soul

 The air was still, the sky blue, and the sun just starting to set.  I had waited a tad long to ‘get busy’ you see.

I’m glad I did.

The golden light brightened the frigid air; highlighting the brown and dormant plant life in my yard.

Putting the empty wheelbarrow down Boomer and took off for a wee walk…letting the cold brighten my skin, the fresh air stripped away the warmth of the house, the tiredness which enveloped me from the start of the day until…

I went out for the nights wood supply.

Boomer and I walked a quarter of a mile, not very far, but enough — breathing in the last of the bright blue day, breathing in the gold and rose quarts glow of the coming night.  The farm was beautiful in the lavender glow of the twilight sky.

Walking back toward the house the Paonia Mountains picked up that amazing color, the one which makes me feel like I’m looking at the world through rose-colored glasses.

As the day lost it’s hold upon the land, the air picked up into a faint little breeze

And the last dramatic rays of light filled everything and everyone with flush of prefect color called perfection!

From my world to your heart,





34 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Eve—Thursday, January 18, 2018

  1. I love it when the mountains turn to lavender at sunset. You have such breath taking views that it takes my breath away……. Raining hard today; should be snow.

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  2. So glad you’re feeling more yourself, Linda, I felt quite worried reading your yesterday’s post …
    and I can understand how all that beauty today could have lifted your energy… glorious light and colour, and that lovely sense of dusk and the coming night… such a beautiful post, Linda… as were the skeins of geese yesterday…Much Love, letter still coming !!!!!!!

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  3. Glad you’re doing better Linda. I love mountains so much….what gorgeous views from your walk and your home. You are blessed indeed. Now if some of the states like Texas and Florida would just share their snow with you!!!

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