Finding Your Place in the World—-Tuesday, March 6, 2018

(a coyote running quickly through the yard)

I have wondered and wondered, for years, what is my purpose in life, what am I good at doing,  is there anything I really can say is me?  Any talent? Any real skill?  Anything….?

So thinking about what I like–what I really like–is to be one with the natural world. There isn’t any money in it, nor is there power or prestige….but there so much joy for me.

What I really love to do is point out to you my observances of the natural world.

Even as a child I spent hours by myself, playing in the creek behind our house, sitting in the Silver-leafed Maple in the back yard, laying in the ditches in the fall (I put my coat in the ditch, than lay myself down on the coat and watched the leaves of the Cherry trees tremble and flutter in the autumn winds), reading in the sand box — feet propped on the the trunk of the Silver-leafed Maple, Queenie, our Border Collie at my side, my hair getting dirty in the sandbox…

I love sharing with you that joyous immersion of nature we, as farmers, experience.

To help you stand with me, along the margins of that line between earth and sky

To help you breathe in the warmth of our day

Or the scents of the night wafting on the breezes

To show you that stunning moon stretching fathomless away, — way among the spheres of stars, in worlds that gods walk, and starlight showers down, like petals falling from over-blown roses


I want to draw your eyes and hearts upward, beyond those thoughts that farmers are dull and stupid and dumb…tillers of the soil with no real ablity in their heads, no real ambitions, no real interest in living.

I hope that I can, with this daily blog, lift your hearts, your minds, and your souls to the music of the earth, the light of the sun, and the moon in the tree shadows.

(Some of my photos on today’s post are from my past photos.)

From my world to your heart,


38 thoughts on “Finding Your Place in the World—-Tuesday, March 6, 2018

  1. Please don’t ever change!!! I may not comment or “like” every post you put on your blog but I do marvel at your photos, descriptions and life in Colorado. Your purpose is making this Virginia girl very happy and sometimes sad but you definitely have a spot in my heart and life!!

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  2. Your observations and gentle words are what I go to first thing every day. Seeing the beauty of your world is an inspiration for me to look at my world more closely, too. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

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  3. You say, “I hope that I can, with this daily blog, lift your hearts, your minds, and your souls to the music of the earth, the light of the sun, and the moon in the tree shadows.” and I say… Linda, you do all of that and more. Your words, your photos, and your appreciation of the natural world, bring me such peace. Sending you love and love and more love from me to you. xoxoxo

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  4. Linda, your blog posts are always wonderful but today’s struck a real chord with me. I also wonder what my purpose is and what I am good at. It is wonderful that you have found things that enrich your soul and spirit. I am grateful that you have chosen to share your thoughts and world with others. Thank you!

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    • It’s hard isn’t it, Kim. I have searched and searched high and low and then realized last night…I’m doing what I love. And if I can share that with others…WOW what a nice thing to do.


  5. Good heavens!! How can anyone view farmers negatively. You are the Angels of the Earth. Without you we die–it’s that simple. I feel sorry for people who never have felt a handful of dirt or been able to listen to waters run in the ditches. Thank you for the gift you bring to us. Sandy

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  6. Linda, this must be the most beautiful post you have ever written, and there have been many… it is a sublime hymn to the universe, it is a poem, your words are a reflection of the spirit that shines behind all your thoughts, and the sharing that you do is a gift to the world…
    When we do what we love, as you do, both in your farming and your writing, we have fulfllled our purpose on this earth and in this life-time… as Jewish sage, Martin Buber said, our treasure is at our feet. Meaning – to be who we are – unique… no-one else like us before or since… so all that you say, write, and are is precious and irreplaceable… thank you as ever for your thoughts and words and pictures on this beautiful blog, with love, Valerie

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    • Isn’t the world, the Universe, the Grand Plan just plain wonderful? That we are all unique and blend together to make a whole. This blog has given me so many wonderful friends for around the whole wide world and THAT is a gift untold!


  7. Never fear. You do all that and more Linda. It’s so nice that you’ve been out taking in and loving God’s beautiful world since you were just a tot. Thank you for the wonderful pictures and poetic stories that you share. And no, I have never thought farmer’s were dumb. I have known quite a few in my life and they are more intelligent than many. Thank you for a super blog.

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  8. …lift your hearts, your minds, and your souls to the music of the earth, the light of the sun, and the moon in the tree shadows….
    You do that each and every day ~ and I thank you for it! Your posts make it seem we live closer than we really do. You allow me to share the days when I am stuck inside. So thank you for all you do and share, dear friend…. thank you.

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    • You live in a forest where the shush of the trees sing lullabies to you…here the wind sweeps across the flat tops of mesas…what an amazing world we are bless with!


  9. I read this earlier and had to come back to it. It moved me deeply. You are correct. We are all trying to find our place in the world and you have found yours and do it so well. There has to be a great deal of peace in that. I enjoy coming here as many days as possible to visit you and live vicariously on the farm. You have a way with words and your photos add another dimension to them. Thank you for sharing your place with us.

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