The Gift of Friendship—-Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Thomas Davis and his lovely bride, Ethel Davis (long time readers of my blog) called to say they were in town and would love to meet.

Delightedly we met them at Fiesta Vallarta Restaurant in Delta, where they brought us gifts—

They arrived with a beautiful gift of wine and

Some of their published books.

What gracious, lovely people Tom and Ethel are!

Thomas has been a President at several Navajo controlled colleges all throughout his career, and is still Provost for a Navajo Tribal College.  Thomas is a poet, scholar, playwright and so many more things.

Thomas’ books lift us into a place where words become real places and people reach out to us and beg us to become part of them.

Ethel Moretenson Davis is an accomplished artist and published poet–her work appearing in many magazine, literary journals, and anthologies.

Ethel’s work is stunning, she speaks of the winds, the gentle loveliness of the earth; the magic through the door, of which poets lead us.

And here they sat, in our humble home, very interested in us, the farm, our life.

We found out the Thomas lived here (Delta), until the 6th grade, went to school with Terry’s brother, his parents owned and operated a grocery store in town, and Terry’s mom and dad were friends of theirs.

The Davis family moved, after that year, to Orchard Mesa, close to Grand Junction, and opened another Grocery Store, which is still in operation today.

Terry remembered, through his child’s eyes, the Thomas family grocery store, then he remembered his family stopping many times at the Orchard Mesa Grocery Store to visit with the Davis Family.

Isn’t the world a strange and marvelous thing?

The beauty of blogging is making friends near and far.

If you are interested in Thomas and Ethel’s blog go here.  Also, if you would like to order and read their books this is a good place to get one or many.

I am constantly humbled to the amazing gift of friendship this tiny little blog has brought to Terry and I.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


17 thoughts on “The Gift of Friendship—-Wednesday, March 7, 2018

  1. I read recently that everyone is connected to everyone else on this planet just through their immediate circle of friends. It never fails to astonish me though how true this really is & how far the connections & friends we make go, & how a good friend a thousand miles away may have grown up next door & you never knew until years later. Even more so now that’s we’re in the internet age!

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