Photos Found—-Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Terry and I had to make a run to the dump…we load up first thing and then make our way out there as soon at the dump opens…that way we are up, there, back, and done before all the real work starts.

Anyway…as my continuing drama goes on with my computer—

I can now find and use just about everything I need to do and use on my computer.


AND the bookkeeping records, the other records of import, and my photos have been found!

My tech guy did a remote download and helped me search.

NOW I’m good to go again!

As for the smartphone…that also is getting easier and easier.

This is photo from my smart phone…the moon isn’t large but I think the photo looks pretty nice.

Finally I can say I’m making headway—what a good feeling.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




21 thoughts on “Photos Found—-Tuesday, March 13, 2018

  1. Aren’t computers and most electronics so much fun !!! Glad you found those photos. I’ve had lightning fry three computers for me so I got a portable hard drive to store photos on and another just for farm document’s and records for my brother. They’re a lifesaver!! I don’t trust anything to the “cloud” that’s so popular!

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  2. And if you live in a storm area, have the computer and everything connected to it on a surge-protected power board, rather than plugged directly into the wall. Personally, I’d back up more often than once a month. Once a week is best, I usually go with once a fortnight.

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  3. Smart phones have many features that you can use. Download google photos to your phone as you can save them in that application (icloud photos has limited space – don’t know what phone you have).

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  4. You are doing great! I can’t really get the hang of taking pictures with my cell phone — I still carry a pocket camera everywhere (and of course my phone too)…. I really need to practice. I’m so glad the computer problems are getting solved and you did not lose anything.


  5. Happy for you, especially for recouping the financial data. I’ve been through a similar situation twice and only one had a happy ending. Taught me a good lesson, though. Back up all of your files. Who knew? πŸ™‚


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