So In Keeping with the Theme of CLEANING UP STUFF—-Monday, April 23, 2018

While Terry was off doing something important on the farm, somewhere….I decided it was time to clean up the TRASH pile.  This is the spot where we throw stuff to be sorted later…something that Might have a value i.e., meaning be used again some how.

It had grown to magnificent proportions…flowing not only into my flower beds, but way out into the road and towering enough I was afraid it might topple.

I cleaned and sorted, placed copper in tubs, put steel together, tin together, wire together, rust together…then had Terry look everything over.

After he was satisfied with the fact there was nothing there but junk.  We loaded up the pick-up, strapped everything down and headed to the dump.  In our case The Adobe Landfill—-calling it a dump is so —gauche (lacking grace 🙂 ).

Sometimes I’m stunned at the amount of trash, we as a people can collect.  And here in our dump/landfill no scavenging is allowed.  So the trash all stays right here.  Covered up in the hopes it will eventually over-time rot.

A mountain(s) of trash.

Although, I AM grateful for these landfills–when I was a child, and even when my children were young—-even though there was a city/county dump—some people would go out and ‘dump’ their trash just any old place…out of site out of mind.  Today actions like that are illegal, which is a good thing.

We still have some more things to haul to the metal recycle business in Montrose, but for a spell I need to focus on my yard.

And getting the pinto bean ground wet.  Next week we will start planting corn!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,






Photos Found—-Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Terry and I had to make a run to the dump…we load up first thing and then make our way out there as soon at the dump opens…that way we are up, there, back, and done before all the real work starts.

Anyway…as my continuing drama goes on with my computer—

I can now find and use just about everything I need to do and use on my computer.


AND the bookkeeping records, the other records of import, and my photos have been found!

My tech guy did a remote download and helped me search.

NOW I’m good to go again!

As for the smartphone…that also is getting easier and easier.

This is photo from my smart phone…the moon isn’t large but I think the photo looks pretty nice.

Finally I can say I’m making headway—what a good feeling.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,