The Excitement of Water—-Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The irrigation water is about to get here!

We are getting the canal repaired and ready for the thundering, crashing, life-giving source called water to appear any time now.

We went for a ride last night to see how far away the water is from us….once it gets here..irrigation starts.  Irrigation starts and doesn’t stopped (even if it rains), until time for harvest.  Twice a day or even every six hours, if the water is short, we move and set water.  Often times through out the day we are checking rows making sure the water is flowing through…going clear to the end, to move to the next field, then the next until it finally flows back into the canal and then onto the Gunnison River….which will connect with the Colorado River.

It’s five miles away.  Not long now.

Today or tomorrow!

We are cleaning all the cement ditches (yes by hand), Terry made all the ditches he could with the ditcher

And the waste ditches with the blade

And we repaired the gated pipe.  Gated pipe always

Always, seems to pull apart over the course of winter.

The first of the fields to receive water (the alfalfa fields) are marked out ready to go

We just wait….

Any day now…any day!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


29 thoughts on “The Excitement of Water—-Tuesday, March 27, 2018

    • Me too. They are saying the water is going to be short this year….not enough snow in the mountains. But we could have lots of rain which will help with evaporation.


    • It comes all the way from from the snow capped mountains, on it’s way down through the Uncompahgre River to the Colorado River. No there would be no farming. But the pioneers figured out a very complicated system of canals so we can!


  1. And here, the tail end of the cyclone season has a sting in it; all very late this year, and torrential rain and flooding. The caravan park we stayed in just over a month ago was washed out by a waist-high surge of floodwater… take a look:
    PS: I hope this won’t put a huge lump of text into your post. If it does, please feel free to delete everything.


  2. Very exciting Linda….I can’t believe it’s time for the water to come gushing forth again. Can’t wait to see and hear all about it!


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