Friends, Although, Not Kin—-Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Lady has a new forever friend.  She is a Quarter Horse and only four years old

Her Name is Adobe Skipun Te Ata—(how you say it is —-well, your guess is as good as mine…the kids call her T.  I try and say Te at a.)

After a little tiny skirmish, where Lady kicked TeAta and TeAta turned around a whopped Lady…

They have become friends!   TaAta is the boss and Lady is letting her.  Lady let Romeo be the boss also.   She is a follower….which is good.  Two lead equines would Not be a good thing.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


29 thoughts on “Friends, Although, Not Kin—-Wednesday, March 28, 2018

  1. Oh, so happy Lady has a companion again. Herd animals don’t like to be alone….. Please tell us more about how this happened.


  2. A 4 year old quarter horse. Hope she, with what could be a KIWI name(???),
    is not too skittish for the prospective riders. Quarter horses are good at
    camp drafting, barrel racing etc at equestrian/horse shows.
    My first horse was a quarter horse – she was impossible to ride.
    We did keep her for breeding……..she was what Mary O’Hara of
    “my Friend Flicka” fame said of some horses on the “Goose-Bar” Ranch,
    they were LOCO – (Mad!). ie: Flicka’s dam, “Rocket”.
    Anyhow your new mare looks beautiful.


  3. Ohhhhh so glad that Lady has a new friend. I hope the fighting is over and they can really become friends. I’m so glad to hear it! Yea Lady and Te ata!


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