As Dawn Lightens the Sky and Evening Comes—-Thursday, April 5, 2018

We begin…”Why do we start so early?” Terry asks, although he knows the answer.

There is just so much to do.  Even if we don’t have the care of animals, we do have the care of the land.

The leaves are beginning to unfurl ever so slowly on the trees….first the cottonwood pushes off the little yellow sticky covers, the blooms burst forth (along with the pollen) and finally…if one looks closely the little tips of leaves are starting to appear.

It’s cold again (actually still–we had a couple of really nice days, but not right now.)

Look at the trash coming out of the canal

Masses of stuff.

My yard is the same way…all the corn leaves flew into the yard over the winter making lovely covers on everything.  Also making debris come spring, which I must now remove for the gently growing bulbs to spiral up into the spring air.


The little birds are all puffed up keeping warm….they, like us, are ready for warmer weather (although we are NOT having snow like some of you…my heart goes out to you waiting for melt and warmth!)


I am a person who believes in mysteries, in secrets of the Universe, and in the magic of the common daily existence

For you see, I see it each and every day, but ‘specially on that day when we start water on the land…then I can see and feel the heart of the earth beating, slow, incessant, humming —-pulsing—throbbing, throughout the day and into the night—all through the night and back into the day…

Reflecting into the sky, where it is manifested for all to see.

From my world to your heart,



23 thoughts on “As Dawn Lightens the Sky and Evening Comes—-Thursday, April 5, 2018

  1. i think this is the third year i’ve watched your coming of the water. following along in word and picture as that lifeblood flows into the fields is just as exciting – thrilling, really – every time. and educational. thank you. best wishes for your season and harvests. –suz in ohio, whose fave smells are still fresh-cut clover or alfalfa curing in the sun on a perfect baling day; soft rain (that petrichor smell) on newly turned or planted dirt; and a freshly turned leaf mold/healthy compost pile.


  2. Are the seasons changing a little every year, do you think? Is winter lasting longer and spring coming later? It seems to me that the ‘bad seasons’ last a little longer each time these days; cold stays with you later, the storm season is longer and later with us. You have the longest and most intimate view of the change of seasons of anyone I know, and I wondered what your view was?


    • Well, here everything seems to be about on time…April is off and on cold. But the spring buds and trees are blooming. What we ARE seeing is our winter was extremely mild so the snow pack was not very good. It looks like we are heading back into a drought…which is never good 😦


  3. many daze i’m (sort of) beyond hope — but like you mentioned –> there’s “zen” in the rituals. not-as-often-as-i’d-like, but I do find solace (zen, some might say) in the rituals. darn: betty just told me (9 a.m. satyrday) that we gots to patch the gutters. it’ll dry out (won’t it?), light a cigar, shuffle out, yet another ritual …


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