The Wind Blew Away—-Wednesday, April 18, 2018

I am late today!

Very late!…


But I have a very good excuse.  Terry and I had to be at the bottom of the pinto bean field picking up an extremely large branch broken from one of the Johnson cottonwood trees in the huge wind storm yesterday.

Shannon saw us and came out to help so the process went much faster than just the two of us.

Back home now.  Terry is marking out the pinto bean ground so we can start water on that field.  He will be planting pinto beans in about two to three weeks.

The wind left us last night just as the sun started setting—leaving the plants more than slightly leaning over

But the sun sat in a lovely sky all bright and golden, with a true sense of peace falling on the land.

And a hush on everything living.

Wind is so important this time of year; wind brings the sap up from the roots of all the plants and trees, melts the snow and dries the mud.  But that huge massive wind (sometimes 40 m.p.h. gusts) tears upon everything and every one leaving a feeling of being ripped apart.

Then last night the pale wash of moonlight, and the glow of Venus next to the moon, lent a dream-like quality to the cold still air. Everyone and everything breathed deep allowing the stillness of the night of gather in and lend calmness to all.

The cold got down to 22*F –(-5c).  I’m sure the pears have joined the apricots in being frozen for the year.

Still today is bright, tangy with spring, the intoxicating scent of ‘new’ floating over everything.  Joy seems to be bursting forth in song and in my heart!

Well, off now to help Terry set water in the pinto bean field.  But I wanted to make contact with you, before the day grew old.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,





34 thoughts on “The Wind Blew Away—-Wednesday, April 18, 2018

  1. So glad to hear that things are a bit calmer today! You two certainly keep busy. Thanks for letting us know all that goes on in your part of the world. Always so interesting. Hope your weather improves and things go better!!! Thanks Linda!


  2. This wind is nuts! All wind & no rain. I’m sad about the apricots, a few years ago they we’re so prolific but I couldn’t can any that year-& we haven’t had a decent year since. I’m so glad I hadn’t yet planted anything in the garden before that terrible freeze earlier in the week. Maybe I’ll chance it next week. Today I’ll be going out to pick some wild asparagus & am crossing my fingers that I’ll get some!


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