In the Quiet —- Monday, Mary 6, 2019

In the very quiet of the evening

Or in the breaking forth of the sun through the storm

The light seems to balance

In a rather bold but precarious way

Strengthening or waning always burning

Gifting us with more than a glimmer

Of just what I think, Heaven must look like

a wee hint of the splendor awaiting each of us beyond the veil.

From my world to your heart,


The Wind Blew Away—-Wednesday, April 18, 2018

I am late today!

Very late!…


But I have a very good excuse.  Terry and I had to be at the bottom of the pinto bean field picking up an extremely large branch broken from one of the Johnson cottonwood trees in the huge wind storm yesterday.

Shannon saw us and came out to help so the process went much faster than just the two of us.

Back home now.  Terry is marking out the pinto bean ground so we can start water on that field.  He will be planting pinto beans in about two to three weeks.

The wind left us last night just as the sun started setting—leaving the plants more than slightly leaning over

But the sun sat in a lovely sky all bright and golden, with a true sense of peace falling on the land.

And a hush on everything living.

Wind is so important this time of year; wind brings the sap up from the roots of all the plants and trees, melts the snow and dries the mud.  But that huge massive wind (sometimes 40 m.p.h. gusts) tears upon everything and every one leaving a feeling of being ripped apart.

Then last night the pale wash of moonlight, and the glow of Venus next to the moon, lent a dream-like quality to the cold still air. Everyone and everything breathed deep allowing the stillness of the night of gather in and lend calmness to all.

The cold got down to 22*F –(-5c).  I’m sure the pears have joined the apricots in being frozen for the year.

Still today is bright, tangy with spring, the intoxicating scent of ‘new’ floating over everything.  Joy seems to be bursting forth in song and in my heart!

Well, off now to help Terry set water in the pinto bean field.  But I wanted to make contact with you, before the day grew old.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,





The Air Dances and Shimmers with Cold —- Tuesday, December 6, 2016

morning-with-snow-cloudsThis morning’s sunrise seemed to dance and shimmer along the eastern horizon—coloring the snow clouds, with a pirouette, of brilliant color.

on-a-walk-006So different from the brilliance of the setting sun last evening.  At that point in time the air smelt of dried corn stalks and the sharp tang of summer brushes (sagebrush, chico, and rabbit), as they each, separately cooled down their sap; making their roots warm, ever so warm to hold them through the winter.

on-a-walk-003Once more we were blessed with that amazing magical light; lighting up even the most mundane of things—common weeds.

on-a-walk-002As we walked along, Terry, Boomer, Min-Min cat and I — the air swept through last years plants—we walked on one of the farm roads watching the wind moving in the beginnings of the snow clouds

storms-004 As the darkness rose up to to meet that stunning descent of yesterday’s sun.  We walked back home, pushed along by a bitter wind. What little warmth on the land being quickly sucked up by the coming of the night.

From my world to your heart,


Go Forth Today—-Sunday, May 22, 2016

ShadowsGo forth today, my friends each and everyone—

MorningReach out to those things that touch your heart, your mind and your soul

First-irrigation-of-the-PinI wish for you peace and  healing a joy this day

SharpenedMay you find that rare thing—a break from all your worries and stress

BA day of feeling young again!



Earth, Air, and Water—-Wednesday, May 11, 2016


The wind shredded the clouds late last evening, leaving the setting sun to send streaks of color through the spaces in the racing cirrus.

Evening-sky-6The farm and the farm yard were quiet, but in a way of gratitude; from life giving water, and for the burst of sunshine coming from the descending sun.

Evening-Sky-7Walking outside I breathed deeply…taking in big draughts of fresh, wet air.  The sun, the leaving storm, the sweet smell of green plants, the thick odor of fresh turned earth; all interlaced with the smell of the storm; a subtle hint of lingering ozone.

Evening-Sky-4Here I stood in all the elements of power, and goodness, and beauty.

Evening-Sky-5Twilight was rising from farm to the plateau, then onto the canyons in the west. Night started swallowing the ground, but still Boomer and I stayed; walking along the muddy farm roads watching the earth join the brilliance of the evening sky!

From my world to your heart,


Stillness—Tuesday, April 28, 2015

2I love the outdoors!  Even as a child I spend hours and hours by myself playing in Surface Creek, which ran behind our my parents home.  I enjoyed the freedom of riding my bike between our and my grandparent’s house. Walking through the cherry orchard, or the apple orchard looking for bird nests, or just laying in the irrigation ditches looking up at the sky, watching the clouds come and go.

Today we would say: “Becoming one with nature.”  Back then I was just ‘being’.

3I still love the outdoors.  The energy and the feel of earth, the sky, the elements — still give me that same peace I felt as a child.

4Walking home from the other house last night I thought the sun and the storm clouds and the feel of the earth of marvelous! This is our house looking from the other house.

5I tried to capture, for you what I was seeing and feeling.

14Beauty was everywhere.

Iinto-the-nightYour friend on a Western Colorado Farm,



The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —Going for a Walk

I’m doing better, Thank you all for your magic thoughts!

Walk-3I even am able to go for walks with my humans and with Boomer.


We saw Freddy Fox on the walk


and I even RAN a little bit and barked with Boomer.  Freddy yellowed/baked back at us.



We are still cold… the days are warming up to around 22* but very quickly sliding back down.  As soon as it hits 22* Mom has us out the door and heading out for a walk.  She said 22* feels almost balmy.


(I think she is sick or something…22* is, well 22* and that is cold!)


Boomer has to wear his coat whenever he is outside, but I have two coats already built in so I never have to wear a coat.

Coat1Mom has been told that I look like a cross between a Border collie and a Sheltie, because of my fur.  My personality, it the best of both breeds, even if I do say so myself!’!


(Mom agrees with me, Boomer says whatever I am I’m just the bestest ever.  I really like Boomer!)


Anyway, here is what the shadows look like around 2-3 in the afternoon


and then what they look like when

4-ocMom takes her 4 o’clock photo.

The Last day of December our Day length was 9 hours and 30 minutes. Today, January 4, 2013 the day length is 9 hours and 33 minutes…we have increase by THREE WHOLE MINUTES!!!! YIPPEE!!  The sun gets up at 7:31 and goes to sleep at 5:03.  The real noon (Solar noon) is 12:17.

Here is the temperatures at 6 in the morning


The after the sun gets up at 8 in the morning

8My operation date has changed, but we will keep you informed as Mom, Boomer and I really appreciate your Magic Thoughts!

Thank you so much,


Fuzzy Doddle McDoodle “Dude” Brown