Today is the 74th Birthday—-Wednesday, May 2, 1944

Today is Terry’s 74th birthday!

On every birthday Terry’s father would tell the tale of how obliging Terry was at birth.

For you see Terry’s parents, Jack and Marjorie Brown had a dairy not far from where we live now…just about three miles away.

Diary’s never take care of themselves.  You can’t put them on automatic to run until you can get back to them.  The cows needed to be fed and milk on clockwork basis.

Morning and evening.  Fed.  The milk hauled into the milk cooler, then swirled and swirled until cooled waiting for the huge semi to come deliver it to bottling plant.

Like all first-time babies (Terry is the oldest of a brother and a sister) he took his time all through the long night, until….

the sky started to lighten and the need to get to the dairy started to strengthen in Jack.

You see Jack ran the dairy all by himself, he was a one-man dairy farmer.

Then right on time. In the most perfect of wondrous ways, the new little boy arrived in the world.

All obliging.

“So I could go milk right on time.” Jack would announce.

Every year, on each and every Birthday.  [Jack passed on several years ago]. just as the sky starts to lighten  Terry always says: ” Now, Dad.  It’s almost time.”  And I always say “Happy Birthday, You gave your Dad a perfect gift and he gave you your life.”

We always feel most grateful, Terry and I!

Happy Birthday, my husband.  74 years and still farm’n!

Love you,


50 thoughts on “Today is the 74th Birthday—-Wednesday, May 2, 1944

  1. THE HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS TO TERRY! I love this story. My husband had hopes that my first born would come on a weekend and before the soccer match started just in case. And she did! Wonder babies! Lots of love to both of you. xx


  2. I will be 74 this Sept. Have to admire your endurance to still be farming full-time. Hope you can keep up with your style of farming for many more years. I still spend most of each day on our 4th. generation farm established in 1868. A farm has a way of extending one’s life, stay with it as long as you enjoy it!!


  3. Still the most obliging man, and still up with the lark. Terry, you’re looking great for a man of 74, you must be doing something right (or is it how well Linda takes care of you?). Many happy returns.


  4. Happy B/day to Terry.
    Must be all that good hard “YAKKA” that keeps him so fit.
    Cheers to you both and may the weather co-operate and your
    hard work on the farm be rewarded.
    The weather here in Australia is not co-operating with many
    in the farming community,


  5. Simply lovely story about a beautiful man written by a wonderful woman…
    Happy happy birthday to Terry and a happy happy day to you dear friend… and that beautiful Buddhist blessing to you both – May you be happy, may you be free from suffering….. may you come home to your completeness XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


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