That Bright Curtain of Sunlight—Thursday, May 3, 2018

This is an old story.  Not ancient, but one of those stories which keeps repeating itself until the mind and body feels exhausted.

We are so cold here I actually have a fire in the wood stove again. What an oddity, but a fact.

We keep having amazingly nasty weather this spring.  Wind…mighty wind, huge amounts of wind that sock you right in the face and blow around things even tightly fastened.

Then lots of cold gray clouds full of moisture, which never really drops on our part of the world.  It rained in town one day, and just down the road a mile, but only got the ground wet here.

Wet works for it cleans up the air and refreshing the plants.

But for a second, on the morning of May 1,…before all the clouds amassing over the plateau become thicker and thicker —  pushed along to cover the whole of the sky.

There is was…a miracle of golden morning light, shadows shafting across the rich green alfalfa field…and I was outside basking in that spill of light and shadows.

Lucky me!

From my heart to your world,





18 thoughts on “That Bright Curtain of Sunlight—Thursday, May 3, 2018

  1. Great looking alfalfa! Kinda weird spring weather – wind and snow here this morning. But it is spring in Colorado ~


  2. The weather has been weird all over the country this year, but we’ve had three nice days in a row. Hopefully more of warm, sunny Spring weather will reach you very soon!


  3. It’s such a challenge when nature delivers reversals and storms, but you always find your way through to the glory.


  4. The field looks great — even if no rain. You are fortunate to be able to grab the sunshine when you can! (When we lived in Oregon and I worked in an office, sun breaks from the winter grayrain always seemed to come while I had to be in a meeting or at my desk. Never at lunch time and never on the weekend. (I know that’s not completely true — it is just part of the story I use to justify our travels to the sun after we retired!)


  5. Lucky you? Perhaps. However, it seems to me that your appreciation of it all is more a result of your perception of something that some of us might complain about. Weather can be too cold. It can be too hot. It can be too windy, too rainy, too much of whatever it happens to be doing at the time. We can complain about it. We can enjoy it.


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