Bridge Repair — Tuesday, May 3, 2022

We had a huge log come down the canal and knock the warning poles off their foundation

What a mess!

Linkin was spending Friday and Saturday with us;

Terry and I had (Thankfully) lots of help.

It was a huge long process…taking two hours to get the two logs jacked up and out of the water

The water was running

fast and scary—and would have flipped us under the bridge if we fell in it

TLC Cai-Cai and Linkin ready to help

Terry finally got one log up, then had to get the second log up

Linkin holding up one of the logs

After much pulling, straining, lifting, and pondering.  Terry got all the logs up, wired together—good to go until this winter when the canal is dry and we can get in there to work on everything.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,





No More Rippling in the Wind — Monday, May 3, 2021

I looked out the kitchen window and saw…

My clothesline has fallen over!

It’s supposed to look like this

Now it looks like this

I ran out and got my bedspread and gave a good look at the base of the pole.

Rotted off.

Oh.  Well, it can be fixed.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


That Bright Curtain of Sunlight—Thursday, May 3, 2018

This is an old story.  Not ancient, but one of those stories which keeps repeating itself until the mind and body feels exhausted.

We are so cold here I actually have a fire in the wood stove again. What an oddity, but a fact.

We keep having amazingly nasty weather this spring.  Wind…mighty wind, huge amounts of wind that sock you right in the face and blow around things even tightly fastened.

Then lots of cold gray clouds full of moisture, which never really drops on our part of the world.  It rained in town one day, and just down the road a mile, but only got the ground wet here.

Wet works for it cleans up the air and refreshing the plants.

But for a second, on the morning of May 1,…before all the clouds amassing over the plateau become thicker and thicker —  pushed along to cover the whole of the sky.

There is was…a miracle of golden morning light, shadows shafting across the rich green alfalfa field…and I was outside basking in that spill of light and shadows.

Lucky me!

From my heart to your world,





Constance Practice—Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The planting of corn started today.

The last couple of days have been wet and cold, but planting still occurs.  Terry planted some on Monday, then after a day off to celebrate; the seed is still going into the ground. 🙂

The day is beautiful!  Although, this spring has been chilly, I do believe we are having a real spring.  But warm weather is here today so I’m working outside!!!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




Twilight Coming On—Tuesday, May 3, 2016

PCM2We spent Sunday afternoon with our daughter and son-in-law in Grand Junction, Colorado.  They wanted to take ‘Dad’ out for dinner for his birthday.

It was lovely. Being with family is always special to Terry and I.

When we got home we took the four-wheelers out to check on the corn–if the corn is sprouted little roots it’s time to harrow off the dirt so the seed doesn’t have a hard time coming through our soil. (It was time—today Terry is harrowing the first field)


Twilight was coming on when we headed out…and so was another storm. (Looking east toward Paonia)

Pink-Clouds-2When either Terry or I, or just one of us is in need of peace we feel it out here. (Looking toward Gunnison, Colorado)  The wind was sharp and a little brisk. A chill from a passing clouds cooling us even further.

The farm and the surrounding area were filtered by the gathering clouds, dappling us in shadows.

Rain-Shute(Possible rain or snow showers on Grand Mesa.)

Then coming home we saw it

Rainbow-and-treeThe brilliance of sun, and sky; a gift from the heavens!

Your friend on a Western Colorado farm,


SURPRISE! Sunday, May 3, 2015

When Terry’s Dad passed away,  Misty (our youngest daughter) who was terribly fond of her Grandpa, was horribly sad at his passing.  Terry’s Mother, recognized that terrible sadness so  she  gave to Misty, Jack’s pick-up.

Misty and Kelly drove it for awhile, then gradually it started sitting in the garage; Misty wanted to get it restored sometime in the future.  (You know how futures go–futures are way down the road when you are retired.  First comes jobs and babies, then school age children, and buying houses and other vehicles, then college educations for those kids.)

Now that Misty and Kelly have left and new renters are coming in Terry mentioned one afternoon to Jason, Shannon, and I that we (meaning he and I) were going to have to go down there and pull that old truck up here and park it in the shade of the barn.

Time passed.
Farm work took over, the painting of the house took over, irrigation took over…the need to pull the truck up here was sorta shoved to the background.

Every day there was something which must be done.

Then comes the day as Terry is planting the corn in the field by the house and I was mowing MY lawn, that I looked down the road by the other house and SAW the old truck making it’s way up to OUR HOUSE!

What a surprise!  Quickly I headed to the field to flag Terry down, but he was planting (his back to the road, couldn’t take his eyes off or the rows would be crooked), so didn’t see me or the truck heading our way!


Finally he was at the end of the field and saw me waving to him, just then the old truck,  complete with two hound dogs, was in the driveway,  and headed out to the field

TruckA large smile broke out on Terry’s face-he jumped down off the tractor and headed toward the truck. (Later he said for a second he thought it was his Dad, he could see the driver had on a cap which tricked his eyes to think “DAD”!)  As a cool surprise and a little gift to Terry, Jason had got the truck running and drove it up here for Terry.

After a short ride to the canyon and back the old truck is safely parked up here, resting in the shade of the barn—-waiting patiently for that day way, way in the future.

A surprise all wrapped up in a memory!

Your Friend,