This Bright Sunlight Morning—-Thursday, May 24, 2018

The hay swather’s sound is rippling through out our clean country air

The sunlight is brilliant on the thick stand of alfalfa, as the early morning light pours forth; warming the plants, drying the dew

The scent of JUST CUT ALFALFA piercing the air!


May the rain stay away until the hay is made, in the bales, and sold.

We have a stack of customers already calling wanting hay.

Two weeks we should be done…two weeks and then the rains can come.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


16 thoughts on “This Bright Sunlight Morning—-Thursday, May 24, 2018

  1. Most of our orchard grass is ready to come down but we’re still getting rain. Yesterday and today, so far, are the only days in three weeks that we haven’t got some amount of rain. Looks like it’s coming back to us again by Saturday and through most of next week. The yard grass is so wet in the mornings it’s late afternoon before we can mow because of the heat.

    Good luck with the alfalfa and I’ll be thinking about you!!!


  2. I think I have followed your blog for at least 5 years, it is always informative and beautifully photographed. I live in Somerset in England and the equipment used on the farms here is far larger, I mean much much bigger than you use. I always thought that all equipment in the USA was the largest around. I was pleasantly surprised that, at least in your neck of the woods, small is beautiful. The huge farm equipment here blocks the lanes and makes it dangerous to run or walk. This is really just an observation from the U.K. but I would like to know why you use relatively small tractors etc.

    By the way I spent 3 years in Alabama as a child, my father was in the British army and he was was posted to Redstone Arsenal at the height of the space race. He met Werner Von Braun and various high powered relocated German rocket scientists, it was the 1960s and the middle of the Cold War. I loved it, I remember visiting friends on cotton farms and riding in the wagons at harvest time, if you have never ridden in a wagon full of fresh cotton you have not lived.

    All the best



    • Hello, Charles! I’m so glad to finally meet you. Five years…WOW! I thank you so much. As for our farm equipment…we like the old stuff and it’s paid for. It really is that simple.

      All our neighbors have the great big shiny tractors; complete with GPS and computer driven. They also have the massive combines and all the 12 row implements to go with them.

      The farm tractors and combines here also have the right of road, although, farmers try to be very considerate and move over as far as possible. Which isn’t as far as if we were moving over with our equipment. 🙂 Also we still have a three-axle grain truck, while everyone else uses semi-s and gain carts. Terry says at our ages to purchase something over $500.000 would just not make sense.
      Anyway, thanks for stopping by and commenting. It’s very nice to meet you!


  3. I can not quite orient the pictures. Some are looking away from mountains into very flat area, while others are looking back towards the hills in front of mountains. The shadows do not tell much. It would seem that mountains should be visible even off in the distance from high plains. The vastness of some of the pictures is fascinating.


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