We Have Not Cut the Alfalfa Yet —- Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Terry didn’t cut the alfalfa yesterday, because of a predicted 30% chance of rain.

Which, by the afternoon turned into 100% guarantee of that delightful special moisture from the heavens

As the sun started to sink and the clouds started to break up

The sun, low and dazzling shot blazing rays of glorious light

Filling the heavens with a double collection of sparkling, arched light,

in the low-lying mist left from the dissipating clouds.

A gift from the heavens…oh, how blessed we were.Β  Rain, no alfalfa down, and a double rainbow.


From my heart to your world,


16 thoughts on “We Have Not Cut the Alfalfa Yet —- Wednesday, May 23, 2018

  1. I’m glad you had some rain! Jim is finishing up mowing our first cutting right now! We’ve been fighting rain for the past week .(which I’m guessing you would be GLAD for…we’ve had too much lately!!) This will be baled wet, and wrapped, probably tomorrow or Friday.


  2. Even we got a slight bit of rain. it was yesterday, and unless we get a short rain shower in the middle summer like we sometimes do, it will probably be the last until autumn


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