In That Tiny Pause of Silence—-Monday, June 11, 2018

When we are busy “doing something else”

The world is continuing it’s pouring forth into the clear days and lovely nights of summer

The Barn Swallows are busy raising their first set of babies

The Red-Winged Blackbirds, Western Meadowlark, Red-Robins, and the host of others birds flutter and dip through the skies and call their charming songs for all to hear.

Our first set of Hummingbird chicks fledged; joining their parents in the swoop and swirl around the flowers in the yard and my hummingbird feeders.

The lilies are open and perfuming the air, actually the whole yard…

Gradually, the late Spring is turning into early Summer.

Ah… the joy of warm/hot days and warm nights.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


27 thoughts on “In That Tiny Pause of Silence—-Monday, June 11, 2018

  1. Great shots of those gorgeous flowers. I wouldn’t mind a little warm myself as it’s finally 55 here at 9:30 am. Next week we have a 97 degree day with 90’s all around it. No such thing as balance. Flowers are confused right now. I see you stake your lilies. I was wondering about that as mine seem to need it. This photo helps.

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  2. I always go looking for something lovely and life-affirming after I read one of your posts. It is a good reminder to …stop and smell the roses…, pet the cat( who is becoming persistent) and enjoy something for a minute. Life is also to be enjoyed. Oops, have to quit. The purr just went into super high. Hope Terry’s for is better!


  3. I so enjoy your yard through your photos! Just gorgeous ~ Did you run across the hummer nest to see the babies? One day I hope to. I think we only have 2 pairs this year. Thanks for sharing!


      • No; just my appearance. Since I commented, a boy in the supermarket came running up behind me, and when he saw my face, he told me I was ugly. His mother was embarrassed. I think it is nice that her son is comfortable saying so. I do not think that he would say it to the wrong person. Anyway, it is what happens as spring becomes summer. Kids will not be sitting on my lap and telling me what they want for Christmas.


  4. Oh, your lilies… I wish we had a climate that favoured bulbs. We’re having a lovely winter: it’s 79Ā°F at 3.30pm, the sun is bright but not scorching, there’s a lovely fresh breeze blowing, and for a miracle, the grass doesn’t need cutting!


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