Summer’s Scents and Sounds (Although Summer isn’t here until next week )—Sunday, June 10, 2018

We are way too hot and too dry.  I know that other states are in the same scary place in time. Although I know I didn’t want rain during haying season, rain would be a very good thing now.

We are checking and changing water on a constant basis.  Terry is doing better, but I still must go with him to set the tubes.  Walking on a slanted ditch bank is just not possible for him at the moment.

The summer flowers are starting to come into the forefront of the yard now…with the spring blooms fading in the hot dry heat. (YAY! I LOVE SUMMER!)

Lady, that most wonderful mule, has gone to summer camp to work with Shannon’s friends on their huge cow ranch and with their Outfitter mules.  She had gotten very restless and in need of ‘something to do’.  Velvet and Cole just love her.  Cole is even riding her instead of one of his other mules.  Cole only rides mules.   They say she is a very good mule.  I’m so glad Shannon was able to spend the year helping Lady learn that all humans are not mean and cruel.

I miss her sweet mule kisses and when she would talk to me as I brought her apples. Still, I think it is a good thing she has a job to do.  She was VERY fidgety.

Our days are quiet, every day filled with the smell of roses

The sun pouring down, tingling upon or skin, glittering on the water, running or still.

As bigger and brighter colors fill my yard sparkling in the light.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



22 thoughts on “Summer’s Scents and Sounds (Although Summer isn’t here until next week )—Sunday, June 10, 2018

  1. Perennial pea are a very common roadside weed. The funny thing is that they seem to want to grow ONLY on roadsides. Weeds are typically invasive. These do not go very far. I have tried sowing their seed on the deer fences, but they do not take. It is a mystery.


  2. I’m glad Terry is on the mend and hope he is soon back to normal. We’re ‘enjoying’ summer temperatures here right now, but I don’t think I’m enjoying it as much as you do. I hope we both get some rain soon.


  3. As Lady has recovered from her depression, so of course she wants a job! Boomer has one, she wanted one too! You are a wonderful family to help her expand her world -as she is ready.


  4. Beautiful photos of your summer start. We get ours next week. Right now we have the last of the rain for this season with little to none until late October. Summers scare me and I’m not particularly fond of them. Fires. Drought, but the balance is beautiful flowers, food growing and easier travel. I’m glad Lady is expanding her bubble with more kind people. We all want to be useful, even animals. Glad Terry is getting better.


  5. Great to hear that a Terry is on the improve. Sorry that you aren’t getting any rain .. gosh we have more than our fair share. Your flowers are just beautiful Linda .. those roses are something else. We have friends in France that own mules .. they just love them and say they are wonderful to ride .. hugs


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