Heavy Smoke in the Sky—-Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Summer is such a hard time for the very dry west…..lots of fires all around us.

The lack of winter snow adding to the horrors of fast and furious wildfires…

https://www.nifc.gov/fireInfo/nfn.htm states: “The majority of the country’s fire activity remains in Alaska with 17 large fires. Four new large fires were reported: one each in Colorado, New Mexico, Texas and Washington.”

Our air is full of smoke, as I’m sure others skies are also.

Sunsets are stunning with deepening reds into purples, darkening to point you really can’t see the stars along the horizon.

The air hazing and muted.  Heavy.

Please pray for rain…rain the mountains, deep rich cooling, ground quenching rain.

Pray for rain to save the forests.




25 thoughts on “Heavy Smoke in the Sky—-Wednesday, June 13, 2018

  1. Smoky sky makes for amazing sunsets – you captured them nicely!
    The latest I heard from Meteorologist Brian Bledoe says rain should start in the Durango area Thurs-Fri, moving up to your area, then finally cross the divide to us by Sun-Mon. So it sounds promising!
    Last night was scary here – lots of lightening. Not the thing a tinder dry forest needs 😐
    :::shaking that rain stick:::


  2. Bush fires are terrible. The summer months here in Australia can be disastrous
    some years and out west here rain has been pretty minimal so far. Hopefully
    the outback will get plenty of winter rains……again this weekend coming up
    the Pacific coastline is being drenched. !!!! Why can’t it bloody well move inland?

    I hope these fires, as bad as they are, were no lit be bloody arsonists.
    These people, if you can call them human, are really the scum of the earth.

    C’mon Heuy, give Colorado a drenching.
    Good luck with a rain dance.


  3. There was a prescribed burn near here today. It seemed odd that it was done while the weather was so dry, breezy and warm. None of us can figure out the reasoning. For a while, we were making fun of the neighbors who were getting ash; but than it started falling where we were working. It was like Pompeii.


  4. hello dayphoto its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay yes i hav herd abowt the fires in the mithikal land of colorado!!! i lift my leg on fires they ar verry skarry i did not hav a fun time running away frum the lilac fire bak in deesember beleev yoo me!!! i hope yoo git sum of that rain to put those fires owt!!! ok bye


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