The Decision is Always the Universe’s —- Monday, June 13, 2022

Sometimes I wonder, as I work around the yard

How did I not see (when I was younger)

How fast, how very fast

Each and every day of our lives

Slips silently and intently toward that horizon

called Death

Or, the Other Side.

Each day, so beautiful and bright, punctuated here and there with this and that, sometimes something so dark and dismal it’s hard to get through, other times so full of beauty and happiness your heart illuminates your whole being.

Quickly, quickly, time passes.  Each day and night, so full of life–your life. My life. The gift of being alive.

From my heart to your world,



The Sun Shows His Face Each and Every Day —- Thursday, June 13, 2019

Because we are now warm…nicely warm, not over-the-top warm

Melt has happened in the high country, swelling the rivers to flood stage

There is an eerie beauty about the wild and restless rivers

All that water rising way beyond its boundaries, the expanse of the water makes me feel very vulnerable

Although storms continue to play along the rims of the mountains and plateaus, we are dry here.

Then on Sunday afternoon, I saw a Sundog dancing along in the imperfect light.

From my heart to your world,



Heavy Smoke in the Sky—-Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Summer is such a hard time for the very dry west…..lots of fires all around us.

The lack of winter snow adding to the horrors of fast and furious wildfires… states: “The majority of the country’s fire activity remains in Alaska with 17 large fires. Four new large fires were reported: one each in Colorado, New Mexico, Texas and Washington.”

Our air is full of smoke, as I’m sure others skies are also.

Sunsets are stunning with deepening reds into purples, darkening to point you really can’t see the stars along the horizon.

The air hazing and muted.  Heavy.

Please pray for rain…rain the mountains, deep rich cooling, ground quenching rain.

Pray for rain to save the forests.




A Gift from Ireland—-Tuesday, June 13, 2017

All the way from way over there in that wonderful Emerald Isle

Out the back of my house, seems that is where we see them! The sun rises there and sets out front. Of course I thought of you! You can barely see the second bow.


I just love your Irish sky, Erynne!

Thank you so much!

Stepping Back in Time—-Monday, June 13, 2016

Zack, Blade’s first cousin on his Dad’s side (their dad’s are brothers), is also spending the week with us!

First-CousinsYesterday Terry and I took the boys to Ouray, Colorado, to go swimming.   This morning they were up bright and early to go to open weightlifting at Delta High School, after which they are putting together a pool party for the Rec Center this afternoon.

They are both fourteen, so I have picked up and dusted off my ‘drive the kids here and there’ skills.  It’s diverging from my daily routine, but I love it.

Our house smells like pizza, hot pockets, and other teenager food…the sounds of potato chips crunching and pop corn popping.  Surprisingly they are not pop drinkers.  Water only. (Sugar is not good for athletes, I hear.  🙂  )

Tomorrow they will (again) head to open weightlifting and then I’m sure there will be other plans for the afternoon.

Some evening Terry and I will challenge them to a Miniature Golf game or two.  In-between all of this, Terry always likes to compete with them in a game of dominos.

Of course, there is always their IPads to fill in any down time.  For Terry and I , there are short little cat naps.

Your friend with a house full of laughter!