The Aftermath of Yesterday Morning’s Storm—-Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Although, we had a sprinkling of rain yesterday.  We are still extremely dry.

So dry that wind rushing throughout the farm creates terrible dust, which settles on everything and everyone until it settles down (again).

Yesterday morning, early, lightning and thunder rushed upon us from the Uncompahgre Plateau, thunder rolled, long and loud, and lightning forked across the heavens.

It was a fast-moving storm.  Crackling and jabbing toward the earth in flashes of silver and gold.  Leaving behind in it wakes a fire burning on the edge of Fruitland Mesa, directly in line with Crawford, Colorado

Colorado (as many parts of the west) is just tooooo dry!

But last evening…. as more rain showers played along the edges of the farm— We saw a rainbow!

A huge joy to me!

From my heart to your world,




24 thoughts on “The Aftermath of Yesterday Morning’s Storm—-Wednesday, July 25, 2018

  1. Hope you get the rain….it’s cloudy here but just spitting rain …. doubt it will do anything .. so as many times before.


  2. Rain, rain ~ please drop rain on the western slope!
    Hope that it doesn’t get out of control….
    Beautiful Day Lilly to brighten your yard – love the color!


  3. “Heuy” appears to be deserting us all.
    Here in Australia we have experienced the driest autumn on record
    and now just past mid winter still hardly any rain in the rural regions.
    One sheep farmer’s plight was shown on rural and Australian news TV
    having young lambs in his home, the ewes had died and his flock of
    bone showing breeding ewes of 1200 all had to be shot and bulldozed
    into a mass grave. Really just heart breaking to see.
    Storage feed is being transported in as fast as possible but it
    is not enough. Some sheep graziers have been sent to the wall!

    Rain is forecast but I like everyone else would love to see it
    I hope and pray that you get the necessary rain to maintain your
    Your grandkids and yourselves would love to see the annual whale
    migration north. They are swimming and doing “whale Jumps”
    (Breaching) right off Terrigal Beach and the pods are growing in number. Some of the whales already have young with them.
    Needless to say this is good business for the tourism industry and the
    cafes etc etc but on a weekend traffic comes to practically a standstill.
    Highrise building does bring a curse when nobody considers the traffic impact,
    that means bloody developers!!!!
    Had to finish this on a positive report – well on the whales enjoying themselves!!!
    Cheers and Huey -DO YOUR JOB!!!


  4. Linda, I am so sorry about the dryness. I have only experienced dust like that once, a long, long time ago. Horrible! Take care of yourself. Praying for rain!! We need it here too, but not as badly as you need it there.


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