Flying Jewels of Color — Tuesday, July 24, 2018

The hummingbirds are enjoying the feeders —we have a variety of the little flitting and humming birds.

The Refus are back.  They are two weeks early.  It was a surprise to see them and this little Ruby Throated One sitting on the feeder.

They start feeding as soon as the sky turns pearly gray in the morning

And stay busy on the feeders and in my gardens until the last light of night

Then when the moon’s shadows start to fill the open ground they vanish.  Tucked away somewhere resting.  Until day starts again.

From my world to your heart,



26 thoughts on “Flying Jewels of Color — Tuesday, July 24, 2018

  1. I envy you your flying jewels. Yesterday I watched a pair of sunbirds investigating my clump of lemongrass, maybe planning some real estate activity. They’re our nearest thing to hummingbirds, but about half as large again.


  2. Yes… they’re back! Mine aren’t playing together as well as yours – pretty, but onry little ones. Pretty photos!
    We have wasps so bad that I had to take the feeders down today 😦 total bummer. Can’t locate their nest…


  3. Every year, I just can’t get over the number of hummers that you get! It is amazing…and different kinds too. What fun. I love those birds. Lucky you! Thanks for putting all the nectar out for them! I know it is a labor of love!!!


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