Third Cutting of Hay—Monday, August 6, 2018

The Third cutting of hay is occurring right now, even as I write!

It’s early this year.  By about three weeks.

But when it’s ready to cut, it’s ready!

The third cutting of rich, thick alfafa…drying in the sun.  Soon to be made into hay!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm


32 thoughts on “Third Cutting of Hay—Monday, August 6, 2018

  1. I wish that beautiful hay was coming here to Australia
    The cattle and sheep would think they were in paradise.
    Some rain fell in NSW and QLD on Monday. Only enough to
    wet the ground and let people know that rain still is up there – somewhere!!!

    One of my neighbours here in the village told me this morning that
    her son was off with a group of fire-fighter co-ordinators for the
    Canadian bush fires. She is so proud of her son.



  2. Oh, I miss the aroma of alfalfa. It did not like it when it was here, but I miss it now that it has been gone for so long. Well, there never was very much of it anyway. It was grown more in the San Joaquin Valley Delta region.


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