The Forests Groan in Agony—-Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Every day we have wind, sometimes all day, sometimes only in the afternoon, sometimes just before nightfall.  Sometimes it lasts forever, sometimes for only a few hours.

The wind brings with it the smoke

Or it drives the smoke out and away

One never knows.

  The smoke is ominous.  Shouting loud and clear that the forests are struggling

The animals, bugs, and plants sobbing in fear.  My heart breaks for all of them.

We can still see one of the massive fires on the Uncompahgre Plateau (there are two up there).   At last count, there were fires in Parachute, Rangely, Meeker, Oak Creek, Parshall, Basalt, Hartsel, Cahone, and Cortez.

I’m not sure if the one in Crawford is out or not.

Then there are those massive fires in California, and Idaho, Canada, and other places in the west.

The light streaming through the smoke is beautiful, strong and striking.

The air feels sinister.

The bell is ringing.

From my world to your heart,


49 thoughts on “The Forests Groan in Agony—-Tuesday, August 7, 2018

  1. Just returned from rafting on the Middle Fork of the Salmon in Idaho – smoke was so thick at times you could not see the tops of the mountains in the canyon, all across Idaho and Utah


  2. It’s beautiful but flat scary! No one seems to be waking up to what this Mother Earth needs though. We have smoke here too so I stay inside. Won’t even start my car to go to the grocery store. Come on rain.


  3. Oh Linda, I don’t knew how you can breathe with the heavy smoke. Your pictures are amazing. We’ve had smoke from Yosemite for weeks now. My tomcat has runny eyes & nose from the pollution. Sundown is beautiful though. Regards, Sandy.


  4. Beautiful pics, but at a cost from all the smoke. My asthma is acting up, but st least I understand the source. Imagine the confusion of animals that smell it but don’t know whether the threat comes their way or whether they are safe.


  5. Sinister. I hear that bell from June thru September. You’ve captured that eeriness that comes with sunset. The monsoons have arrived, but the storms bring lightening with their thunder. I can only pray for those in or near one of these monster fire storms and that Mother Nature calms down. They bring more sadness than one can imagine, yes for property, but more for the livestock and wildlife that can’t out run or out fly the storm that changes their landscape for the next 100 years.
    Ok, lets talk about… hay cutting. Much more cheery and it smells SO good!

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    • The environmental nut jobs are responsible for the USFS rules of just letting forests burn as that is nature’s way. No dead trees cut for logging, brush allowed to grow unchecked. Diseased trees allowed to stand. Yes, it was political….still is.


  6. Awful. How I wish your area would get a thorough drenching. It can’t come too soon. Praying for your area, Linda and all the areas with fires this summer. So sad.


  7. Heavy smoke here from the Clear Lake and Redding (Carr) fires. Wind driven flames over 100 ft. high. My heart breaks for the stunned humans and terrified animals….cannot outrun the flames.


  8. yesterday there were times we couldn’t see “the mesa” (and we’re 15-some miles from the Land’s End part). the Grand Valley is probably mostly impacted by the fire just east of Douglas Pass. it does cast an eerie filter on the sunlight, though. and this NO RAIN thing? we’re at 60% or so of a normal year for precip ~


  9. This is such a painful post. The earth is really struggling at the moment… have you time to cheer yourself up by Googling ” The Indian who plants a tree everyday” – or have I already mentioned him to you !!!!!


  10. I hate the smoke, it moved in this afternoon from Canada. I will try to keep my husband inside. TRY. I pray the fires go out soon, seems to never end and each summer the fires are worse than the last so very sad for everyone displaced and the animals too:(


  11. hello dayphoto its dennis the vizsla dog hay it has ben a hek of a yeer for the fires and it is barely eeven fire seezun yet heer in kalifornya!!! it duznt help that we hav got krazy peepul starting mor fires to go with the wuns wot we alreddy hav!!! it is verry sad for shoor!!! ok bye


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