Simplicity/Borrowed Time—Monday, August 13, 2018

We loaded out a hay customer in 100* weather yesterday.  (37.7778c).  Exhausting all of us.  The last bale placed on the hay trailer at 2:40 p.m.

Since Karen now had the long drive back to her Dairy in Edwards, Colorado, we decided a quick break in town for a small lunch would be just the thing.

Then home again and she was off with her load of hay for her lovely milk cows.

Later that evening, after supper and water changes… Terry said

Let’s give ourselves a break and go for a ride

Off we went into a sherbet-colored sky

Then home again, home again as the air started to cool.

From my world to your heart,




Hello Sun in My Face—-Sunday, August 12, 2018

 “Hello, sun in my face. Hello you who made the morning and spread it over the fields…Watch, now, how I start the day in happiness, in kindness.” ― Mary Oliver

Even though there is lots of work still to be done

And we are in the middle of third cutting of hay

With hay customers coming on a regular basis

We took a day off and went on a fun

Road trip

Breaks…so necessary

And a whole lot of fun!

From my world to your heart,



Third Cutting of Hay—Monday, August 6, 2018

The Third cutting of hay is occurring right now, even as I write!

It’s early this year.  By about three weeks.

But when it’s ready to cut, it’s ready!

The third cutting of rich, thick alfafa…drying in the sun.  Soon to be made into hay!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm


An Enchanted Place—-Sunday, August 20, 2017

“There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors are brighter, the air softer, and the morning more fragrant than ever.”— Elizabeth Lawrence

If I had to pick a favorite season….I think I might struggle a bit…the early spring days lift me up after the thin winter sun, which painted long blue shadows void of warmth and color.  Spring lifts me up like the greening of the trees color the brown drab landscape.

Then summer with all it’s heat, which sits heavy and still, on the land, and swarms of chores—which seem never ending.

After which comes fall with the crisp, clear days and immense bursts of color; bring the world into life, in a way none of the other seasons can.

But if I am forced to pick…I would pick SUMMER!

For beats with a song only the humming of the stars in the heavens, (and in my heart, my mind, and my soul), can understand.

From my heart to your world,


All in a Day’s Work —- Wednesday, August, 9, 2017

The pinto beans are setting on and starting to fill out —harvest will be sometime in September

Since we leave all our windows open day and night, the house smells like fresh mown hay.  Third cutting…  time is passing quickly now

While Terry mowed the hay I mowed my lawn…it was in dire need of my attention! 🙂

Yesterday we hauled in gravel and spread it on the long, long lane from the farmyard to the road….also putting down gravel in the farm yard itself

Then the thing I hate to do worse than anything….is getting Terry out of a tight spot.

He went over to make a ditch, got stuck…I had to come over and pull him out…

When he is in a ditch like this I’m always afraid I will pull him ‘wrong’ and cause the tractor to tip over.

When I was young our neighbor did tip over and it killed him.   Then (when our kids were grown) Terry’s good friend was working on one of his ditches when his tractor tipped over and killed him.

Scary stuff…working on wet ditches!

Finally we made it to the end of the day…the water changed for the last time until first light.


It was time to watch a little TV, rest a spell before bed. to relax.

Boomer lay down beside my chair, while I worked on a needlepoint canvas.

The day finally …. finally coming to an end.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


Third Cutting of Hay

Terry finished cutting the last alfalfa cutting of the season.  (We get three cuttings here.) 

Gosh, this summer sure has flown by!  I guess it went so fast because it was my first full summer without having to go into work everyday.  I had worried that I would miss the excitment of registration and then all the students coming back, but I HAVEN’T!!!!   I guess I was ready…time to retire and let others take over the reins.

Both grass and alfalfa and mixed ( part grass and alfalfa) hay is leaving our area by the semi-loads.  People are coming up from Texas and Arizona to get hay to feed thier critters! It’ really sad.  I wish rain would start falling in the south!  Days and Days and DAYS of over 100* temperatures without even a cloud in the sky is horrible.  Our news here said that Texas has beaten it’s own record for the longest amount of over 100* temps…something set in the 1980s or thereabout.

Unless Terry decides differently we changed the last set of water in one of the corn fields last night, we will finish up the rest of the corn this week. 

We are just waiting now, for the ground to be really (bone) dry so the pinto beans can be pulled and rowed.  They will dry in the rows until all the stems and leaves are brittle, then we will start combining the beans.

The corn has dented or is in a stage of dent.  Once reached that will be then of the irrigation of the corn.  After that we wait for the whole stalk to dry down and then we will combine.

The largest field of alfalfa will be plowed up next year so we will be done with the irrigation of it, but the smallest field will still need water.  The field must go into winter with enough green leaves to not die over the winter.

So in away the work is ending, but will pick up for several weeks of harvest then the 2011 farming season will be over.

Gosh, that seems to have gone fast!