Chipmunks—Wednesday, August 15, 2018

We have at least ONE little chipmunk here on the farm.Β  Maybe there is more, but I can’t tell them apart; I only see one at a time.

I think he/she/they have come in on the large semi-load of firewood we get each year.

Thankfully he/she/they have stayed safe from the mirid of predators who also live on our farm.

But our little chipmunk(s) are wild little creatures…

Nothing like the little pet(s) who live in the Black Forest with Elaine and Bob!

Doesn’t that just make you SMILE out LOUD!!!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


21 thoughts on “Chipmunks—Wednesday, August 15, 2018

  1. If they aren’t exposed to rabies, they can be kind of pet like. They are quite adorable and love to hang out. I had a friend who raised a couple of orphaned baby squirrels that love to crawl up your pant legs. I had one the would open the screen door and get his own peanuts. If I was going down the driveway, he would stop me and insist I turn back to get him more peanuts. So cute but they can chew through most everything. πŸ™‚


  2. We’ve got at least one chipmunk here, I think it lives in the alley and climbs the retaining wall to nose around for the dead bugs we find on the patio. Smoky goes nuts when he smells where they’ve been and has chased the chipmunk when he’s seen it. Not the sort of place I’d expect to have them living. We used to feed peanuts to the chipmunks that lived under the cabins at the resort we used to go to in Northern Wisconsin, they were so friendly and curious and if you were quiet they would sniff your toes. I don’t think I’d want one as a pet, they’re actually kind of destructive – like mice in the house.


  3. Chipmunks are solitary creatures, so it’s not a bad thing to see them one at a time. I wish I could get as close to my babies as the human in the last photo is – my babies only tolerate me so much before they run for the nearest drainpipe and dash for cover.


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